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Precision Measurement Group Members

Precision Measurement Members

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    Waddah Al-AshwalWaddah Al-Ashwal Low phase noise frequency synthesis

    Fred BaynesDr Fred BaynesCryogenic Saphire Oscillator

    John HartnettAdj. Prof John Hartnett Cryogenic Optical and Microwave Oscillators

    Phil LightDr Philip (Phil) LightQuantum Fibre Photonics

    Andre LuitenProf Andre Luiten Chair of Experimental Physics

    Martin O'ConnorA/Prof Martin O'ConnorSapphire Oscillator Project

    Chris PerrellaDr Chris PerrellaQuantum Fibre Photonics

    Ben Sparkes Dr Ben Sparkes Quantum Fibre Photonics

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    Precision Measurement Group Students

    Mr Milad Abou Dakka Mr Milad Abou Dakka PhD Student

    Investigation into the production of metastable 81Krypton atoms using single and two photon UV excitation

    Mr Hannes Griesser Mr Hannes Griesser Masters Student

    Rubidium Spectroscopy using Exposed Core Fibre

    Mr Ashby Hilton Mr Ashby Hilton PhD Student

    Integrated Gas for Quantum Technologies

    Ms Sarah Scholten Ms Sarah Scholten PhD Student

    Disease diagnosis using spectroscopic breath analysis

    Mr Nathanial Wilson Mr Nathanial Wilson PhD Student

    High-performance remote magnetometry

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    Ms Ada Uminska Ms Ada Uminska Visiting PhD student from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

    Nonlinear effects in hollow core fibres filled with rubidium vapours

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    Former Members

    Mr Wenle Weng Mr Wenle Weng Micro-crystalline Optical Resonators for Laser Stabilization and Sensing

    James (Jimmy) AnstieDr James (Jimmy) Anstie Massively Parallel Spectroscopy

    Reenu BabyMs Reenu BabyQuantum Atom-Fibre Photonics

    Mr Nicolas Bourbeau Hebert Mr Nicolas Bourbeau Hebert Visiting PhD student from Université Laval, Québec

    Innovative ways to analyse chemical mixtures using white-light lasers

    Su FangSu Fang Cryogenic Optical Cavity for Ultra-High Spectral Purity Lasers

    Mr Jerome Poulin Mr Jerome Poulin PhD Student based at The University of Western Australia

    Guiding and Trapping Cold Atoms in Hollow-core Optical Fibre

    Gar-Wing TruongDr Gar-Wing Truong Spectroscopic Determination of the Boltzmann Constant

    Dr Richard WhiteDr Richard WhiteSuper-Stable Lasers

    Shinya YanagimachiDr Shinya Yanagimachi Massively Parallel Spectroscopy

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