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The IPAS seminar series aims to communicate ideas across physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, chemical engineering and related areas, to seed new collaborations and for interactions with fellow researchers.

Unless indicated, IPAS seminars are held on Thursdays, 11:10 am-12:00 pm in the Level 2 Meeting Room, The Braggs Building.

IPAS has hosted the following speakers:

  • 2019 Seminars
    IPAS Research Seminars
    Date Speaker Topic

    Thurs 1 August

    Rouven Becker
    IPAS PhD Candidate

    Design and Synthesis of N-Cadherin Inhibitors for the Use as Contraceptives

    Thur 25 July

    Aude Vignelles
    Australian Space Agency

    Australian Space Agency: Update and Potential Collaborations

    Thur 18 July

    Rudolf Neuhaus
    Product Manager Scientific Diode Lasers at TOPTICA Photonics AG

    4 July

    Dr Aurélie Crabbé

    Research Scientist - Ghant Uni

    Influence of the lung microbiome on antibiotic efficacy and host inflammation in cystic fibrosis

    27 June

    Jingxian Yu
    Senior Research Fellow

    Peptides as Bio-Inspired Electronic Materials

    Thu 20 June

    Prof Nigel Spooner
    Head of the Prescott Environmental Luminescence Laboratory (PELL)

    Radiation Sensing for Mining, Medical and Chronology at IPAS - Lab tours provided.

    Thu 13 June

    Siew Lim 
    Sarah Scholten
    IPAS PhD candidate

    Engineering the Slow Photon Effect in Nanophorous Photonic Crystals for Photocatalysis

    Thu 6 June

    Joanne Harrison, Lisa Stevens & Broderick Matthews

    Be Your Future - Department of Defence Science and Technology

    Thu 30 May

    Qiang Sun 
    Research Fellow - RMIT

    Shuo Li
    Research Fellow - RMIT

    Novel and Robust Surface Method of Electromagnetics for Micro-photonic Applications.

    Nanophotonic Projects and the Possiblity to combine Machine Learning.

    Thu 23 May

    Rohan Glover
    Research Fellow - PMG

    The ATTA Project: Radiometric dating with lasers
    Thu 16 May

    Prof Stephen Grano
    Executive Director IMER

    Sensor Opportunities in Mineral and Energy sectors
    Thu 9 May

    Scott Foster
    Principal Scientist - DSTG

    Listening with Light: Next Generation Undersea sensors
    Thu 2 May

    Angus Netting
    Adelaide Microscope

    Microscopy and Microanalysis for Research at the UoA. Case studies in multiplatform microanalyses to solve complex problems
    Wed 17 April

    Simon Thiele
    Uni Stuttgart

    Fetosecond direct laser writing of complex-micro-optics
    Wed 10 April

    Abigail Klopper
    Senior Editor - Nature Physics

    Inside Nature
    Thu 4 Apr

    James Quach
    Ramsay Fellow

    Quantum chaos and entanglement
    Thu 28 Mar

    Jiawen Li

    BioImaging at IPAS 
    Thu 21 Mar

    Cristiano Cordeiro
    ead of the Specialty Optical Fibres Lab - State of Uni of Campinas (Brazil)

    Microstructured optical fibres with simplified design and fabrication process
    Thu 14 Mar

    Danny Wilson
    Laboratory Head - Malaria Biology
    Research Centre for Infectious Diseases

    Malaria parasites in motion: targeting invasion of the red blood cell to cure disease
    Thur 7 Mar Tobias Vogl
    epartment of Quantum Science 
    Next-generation single-photon sources for satellite-based quantum communication
    Thur 28 Feb IPAS HDR Students IPAS Research Student Presentation Event
    Thur 21 Feb Wei Li
    Experimental Quantum Optics & Quantum Information
    Johannes Gutenberg Uni - Mainz
    Light-matter interface using cold-atoms coupled to hollow core fibre
    Thur 7 Feb Prof Philip Russel
    Director, Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL)
    Recent Developments in Photonic Crystal Fibres
    Fri 1 Feb  Prof Xuefeng Guo
    Prof of Chemistry 
    Peking University - China
    Single-Molecule Electrical Chemo/Biodetection
    • 2018 Seminars
      IPAS Research Seminars
      Date Speaker Topic
      Thur 13 Dec

      Prof. Vladislav V. Yakovlev
      Prof of Biomedical Engineering - Texas Uni

      Seeing life in a new life
      Thur 6 Dec

      James Quach
      Ramsay Fellow

      Quantum chaos and entanglement
      Thur 29 Nov

      IPAS members

      AIP/KOALA Oral Presentation Practice
      Thur 22 Nov

      Anne Matters
      Optical Fibre Technology Group - IPHT

      Preparation Technologies for modern types of specialty fibres
      Thur 15 Nov

      Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
      IPAS Deputy Director

      Optofab Adelaide - Services and Facilities.
      Thur 8 Nov

      Tushar Kumeria

      NHMRC Research Fellow - UQ

      Porous Photonic Crystals for Environmental and Biomedical Applications

      Thur 1 Nov

      Toby Lightheart

      Research Data Outreach Officer


      Thur 25 Oct

      4-5:00 pm

      John Arkwright

      Strategic Professor -Flinders Uni

      Fibre Optic Sensing - Aspirational or Translational
      Thur 18 Oct Rujie Li Development of Atomic Magnetometry Based on Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Rotation(NMOR)
      Thur 11 Oct Bruno Rodigues Structure and Property Relationship in Phosphate Glasses
      Thur 4 Oct Loretta Scolaro TBA
      Thur 27 Sep Alex Santos
      Medical Physics Coursework Coordinator
      Beryllium oxide ceramic and fibre optic dosimetry in Radiation Oncology
      Thur 20 Sep

      Elodie Janvier
      IPAS Strategic Research Development Manager

      Introduction to Successful Grant Writing
      Thur 30 Aug

      Prof John Arkwright

      Strategic Professor - Flinders University

      Fibre Optics Sensing - Aspirational or Translational 
      Thur 23 Aug

      Prof Nigel Spooner

      Prescott Environmental Luminescence Laboratory - Showcase
      Thur 9 Aug

      Daniel Langley

      Challenges for 4D Cell Culture
      Thur 26 July

      Avishkar Saini, Hanna McLennan & Georgina Sylvia

      Novel photonics sensing methods to investigate oocyte metabolism
      Thur 12 July

      Barnaby Smith & Dennis Delic

      Advanced Single Photon Detector Arrays for Defence Applications
      Thur 5 July

      Elodie Janvier
      IPAS Strategic Research Development Manager

      Research Professional Seminar
      Thur 28 June

      Zoe Doubleday
      Research Fellow

      Advanced Single Photon Detector Arrays for Defence Applications
      Thur 21 June

      Prof John Arkwright
      Strategic Professor in Biomedical Engineering
      Flinders Uni

      Fibre Optic Sensing - Apirational or Translational?
      Thur 14 June

      Prof Andre Luiten
      IPAS Director

      Combing for New Quantum Sensors
      Thur 7 June

      Ori Henderson-Sapir, Ka Wu, Yunle Wei

      On-Prime showcase - Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and take your idea to the next level.
      Thur 31 May

      Dr Sarah Keenihan
      The Conversation

      How to become an author on The Conversation - plus behind the scene tips.
      Thur 24 May

      Prof David Lancaster
      Prof of Laser Engineering - UniSA

      Chip laser powered dual-frequency combs: Development and application"
      Thur 17 May 1:00-5:00pm

      Prof Darren Kelly &
      Melissa McBurnie

      Uni of Melbourne

      Commercialisation workshop:Increasing the impact of your science 
      Thur 26 Apr

      Rebecca Frkic

      Investigating the Structural Modulation of PPARγ for Improved Antidiabetics
      Thur 12 Apr

      Gavin Rowell
      A/P - High Energy Astrophysics Group

      Extreme astrophysics with the CTA gamma-ray observatory
      Thur 5 Apr

      Patrick Capon
      PhD Student

      A Nanodiamond-Fluorophore Hybrid for Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing
      Thur 22 Feb Pengfei Wang
      A/P SCS Visiting Scholar

      Laser glasses and fibers for UV and NIR high power laser applications
      Thur 1 Mar Xiaoteng Jia
      Senior Researcher
      Macquarie University - CNBP
      Functionalisation of silk fibroin material for biomedical applications
      • 2017 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic

        Tues 19 Dec

        Ranjith R Unnithan
        Research Group Leader and Senior Lecturer
        Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Uni of Melbourne

        Drone Based Technology for Civilian Applications.

        Thur 14 Dec

        Pascale Del'Haye
        Senior Research Scientist in Time & Frequency Devision
        The National Physical Laboratory - UK

        Nonlinear Interaction and Symmetry Breaking of Counterpropagating Light in Microresonators.

        Mon 4 Dec

        Yann Marco
        ENSTA Bretagne - France

        Fatigue and ageing of rubber and polymers: from industrial issues to development of tools to improve the design of structures.
        Thur 30 Nov

        Florian Lindner
        IPHT Jena, Germany - The Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

        How to prepare a fibre preform for specialty application.
        Tues 28 Nov

        Clemens Mueller
        Postdoctoral Research Fellow

        Chiral Microwave Quantum Optics
        Thurs 23 Nov Dr. Tullio  Rossi
        Paper accepted! Now what?
        Thurs 9 Nov Kay Schuster
        Group Leader, Optical Fiber Technology
        IPHT Jena, Germany - The Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology
        From advanced methods of preform fabrication to specialty coated fibers - Material and Technology
        Thurs 2 Nov

        Prof Des Gibson
        Director of the Institute of thin Films, Sensors & Imaging - Univerisity of West Scotland (USW)

        Mid infrared photonics: route to low cost portable and autonomous gas sensors
        Thurs 26 Oct Paul Low
        Deputy Head of Molecular Science - The University of Western Australia.
        Metal Complexes and More
        Thurs 19 Oct Ruth Shaw
        Postdoctoral Research Fellow
        Radiation-sensitive optical fibres
        Thurs 12 Oct

        Prof Wei Zhang
        Director of Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development - Flinders Uni

        Marine Biotechnology and Photonics: How can they come together? 

        Thurs 5 Oct

        Champak Khurmi 
        School of Engineering - UniSA

        Ultrafast pulse generation from Waveguide-based chip lasers

        Fri 29 Sep

        10:30-11:30 am

        Nicola Toniazzi

        Overview of the current activities of LEONARDO-Finmeccanica Spa – Leader in Defense Market Worldwide.

        Tues 12 Sep Jacinta Durand &
        Sally Cassidy
        Student Mental Health Advisor

        Expanding our understanding of wellbeing: the importance of mental health.

        Followed by free pizza and drinks.

        RSVP by 12:00 pm, Friday 8th September.

        Thur 31 Aug Vicki Staikopoulos

        The role of nitroxyl in neuropathic pain.

        Thur 24 Aug Mary O'Connor
        EResearch Support Project Librarian

        Christopher Schapel
        Research Services Manager - ITS

        This seminar will cover some useful tips and resources on:

        Data Management Plan
        Data Storage and Access
        Publishing your data.

        Tues 15th Aug

        Dr Kyle Bachus

        Engineering Patterned Materials and Microstructured Fibres for Microfluidics and Analytical Applications
        Thur 10 Aug

        Cheryl Suwen Law

        PhD Candidate (Santos group)

        Advanced Engineering of Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Photonic Crystals: Towards Precise Control of Light
        Thur 3 Aug

        Dr Chunming Yin

        University of New South Wales

        Towards Optical-Cavity Coupled Single Atom Qubits
        Thur 20 July

        Dr Wenle Weng

        Precision Measurement Group

        Progress with Lithium Niobate Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators in Precision Measurement Group
        Tues 18 July 

        Dr Dylan Saunders

        Oxford University

        Quantum Memories for Photonic Quantum Technologies
        Thur 13 July

        Dr Paul Willis

        Director, RiAus

        iPhone Vlog Your Science
        Thur 6 July

        Francois Duvenage

        Commercial Manager, Adelaide Enterprise

        Commercialisation: Are You ready? 
        Thur 29 June

        Dr Wen Qi Zhang

        School of Engineering, University of South Australia

        A Numerical Study of Passive Mode-Locked Lasers with Two Peaks in the Gain Profile

        Thur 22 June

        Dr Kerry Mudge

        Department of Defence, Science and Technology

        Overview of Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) Research
        at DST Group

        Thur 15 June

        Ali Potter

        Technology Services

        Creating Your Researcher Profile

        Please register via this link

        Tues 13 June

        Dr Maria Gardiner


        Turbocharge Your Writing

        Please RSVP to Mel

        Thur 8 June

        Dr Andrew Pollard

        National Physical Laboratory, UK

        Measurement and Standardisation: Enabling an Emerging Graphene Industry
        Thur 1 June

        Dr Stephen Warren-Smith

        Sensing with Micro/Nano-Structured Optical Fibres

        Thur 25 May

        Ali Potter

        Technology Services

        Managing Your Publications with Aurora

        Please register via this link

        Thur 18 May

        Dr Jiawen Li

        Multimodality Fibre-Optic Imaging Probes: Ex Vivo and In Vivo
        Thur 11 May

        Dr Alexander Wood

        University of Melbourne

        A New Spin on Quantum Sensing with Diamond
        Thur 4 May 1-2 pm

        Prof Anita Mahadevan-Jansen

        Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, USA)

        Raman Spectrometry in Cancer Surgery

        Hosted by CNBP

        Thur 20 April

        Dr Mel McDowall

        Science communication and grant development (IPAS)

        Publish (Promote) or Perish
        Thur 5 April

        Dr Ben Sparkes

        DECRA Fellow

        Gradient Echo Memory: a GEM for Quantum Information Processing
        Mon 27 March

        Dr Shinji Yamashita

        Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), The University of Tokyo

        Mode-Locked Fibre Laser Technologies and Applications
      • 2016 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Thur 19 May

        Jonathan Lacey

        Irelya Consulting, Commercializing Technology

        Research Commercialisation: Lessons Learned
        Thur 21 April 2016

        Depeng Kong (Visitor to IPAS)

        Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS

        Fabrication and Application of Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibers
        Thur 14 Aprl 2016

        Dr Woei Ming (Steve) Lee

        ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

        Multiscale Light Microscopy
        Friday, 8 April

        Dietrich Volmer Krupp

        Professor and Chair in Analytical Chemistry, and Director of the Institute of Bioanalytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany

        Chemotyping the distribution of vitamin D metabolites and correlation with disease
        Monday 15 February

        Dr. Kay Schuster

        Group leader in the Optical Fibres Technology Group at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena.

        Fiber activities at IPHT - Challenges in Technology and Applications
        Tuesday 9 February

        Andrew Duncan

        Director of Electromagnetic Imaging Technology Pty Ltd

        Measurement of magnetic field for geophysical applications
        Tuesday, 9th February 2016

        Prof. Andrea Sinz

        Institute of Pharmacy, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

        The Advancement of Chemical Cross-linking/Mass Spectrometry for Studying Protein-Protein Interactions
        Tuesday, 2 February 16

        Dr. Peter D.E.M. Verhaert

        Chair of “Analytical Biotechnology and Innovative Peptide Biology” at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and a Visiting Professor at the Biomedical Research Institute (BioMed) of Hasselt University (Belgium)

        Peptidomics and Secretomics for Biomedical Applications
      • 2015 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Thursday, 29 October 2015

        Dr Gareth Williams

        Edinburgh University

        Applying photonic crystal fibres to photochemical and fluorescence sensing
        Thursday, 1 October 2015

        Dr DJ Osborn

        MSU Innovation Center

        Molybdenum Chloride Incorporated Sol-Gel Materials for Oxygen Sensing above Room Temperature
        Thursday, 27 August 2015

        Prof Anjun Qin

        South China University of Technology

        Click polymerization
        Monday 24th August

        Dr Abi Stone

        Uni Manchester

        Digging into southern African sand dunes: Reconstructing past environments (and insights into environmental challenges for groundwater)
        Thursday, 20 August 2015

        A/Prof Jodie Bradby

        Women in Physics Lecturer

        Probing the high-pressure phases of Silicon and Germanium using nanoindentation
        Thursday, 13 August 2015

        Dr Abel Santos

        University of Adelaide, School of Chemical Engineering

        Advanced Structural Engineering of Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Photonic Crystals for Optical Sensing Applications
        Thursday, 30 July 2015

        Bryan Coad

        Mawson Institute, university of South Australia

        The Plasma Polymer Toolbox
        Friday, 24 July Mr Shahar Levy

        Faculty of Engineering and Institute of Nano-Technology and Advanced Materials, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 5290002, Israel
        Stimulated Brillouin scattering amplification in fibers and Chalcogenide waveguides
        Tuesday, 9 June Dr Girorgio Santarelli
        LNE-SYRTE, Observatoire de Paris (former BNM-Laboratoire Primaire du Temps et des Fréquences), University of Bordeaux, France
        Photonic activities at LP2N and beyond
        Thursday, 14 May A/Prof Jaime Garcia-Ruperez

        Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Center (NTC), Valencia, Spain
        Novel approaches for the development of high-sensitivity, compact and low-cost nanophotonic biosensors based on photonic bandgap structures
        Thursday, 7 May Prof Longsheng Ma

        East China Normal University, China
        Precision Optical Frequency Control
        Thursday, 30 April Dr Agnieszka Zuber

        The University of Adelaide, IPAS, School of Physical Sciences
        Detection of low level gold in a drilling sample using fluorescence and absorption.
        Thursday, 5 March

        Dr Peipei Jia

        The University of Adelaide, IPAS / CNBP, School of Physical Sciences

        Plasmonic Optical Sensors: Performance Analysis and Engineering towards Biosensing
        Thursday, 26 February

        Dr Niels Krosgaard-Larsen

        The University of Adelaide, IPAS, School of Physical Sciences

        Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Macrocyclic b-Strand Mimics as Inhibitors of Proteases, Proteasomes, and Protein Aggregation
        Monday, 9 February 15

        A/Prof Tom Stace

        School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland

        Loss Tolerance in Topological Quantum Error Correcting Codes
        Thursday, 5 February

        Mr Christian Leiterer

        Dielectrophoresis based integration of nanostructures and their sensorial application.
      • 2014 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Tuesday, 2 December Mr Ori Henderson-Sapir

        School of Chemistry and Physics, IPAS
        Development of a 3.5 μm band fibre laser
        Monday, 10 November Dr Irina Kabakova  
        University of Sydney
        Enhancing and inhibiting stimulated Brillouin scattering in photonic integrated circuits
        Monday, 20 October Dr Martin Gorjan

        Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen Fakultaet fuer Physik Am, Germany
        The Face of High-Power Lasing
        Tuesday, 7 October Prof Achim Peters

        Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, AG Optische Metrologie
        Advanced diode lasers systems for precision measurements in space (and on Earth)
        Friday, 25 July Dr Stephen Gensemer

        Research Scientist, CSIRO | Materials Science and Engineering
        Precision Quantum Phase Measurements in a Juggling Atomic Clock
        Wednesday, 16 July

        Fetah Benabid

        Photonic and Photonic Materials, University of Bath, UK

        Kagome hollow-core PCF is going extreme
        Tuesday, 1 July

        Rich Mildren

        MQ Photonics Research Centre / Department of Physics at Sydney's Madcquarie University

        Lasers and laser phenomena involving undoped synthetic diamond
        Friday, 27 June

        A/Prof Siddharth Ramachandran

        Nanostructured Fibers & Nonlinear Optics Lab, Boston University, ECE Dept. & Photonics Center

        Can fibers replace all (most) lasers? aka Nonlinear Optics with Bessel Beams in Fibers
        Tuesday, 24 June

        Dr Tim Zhao

        School of Chemistry and Physics, IPAS

        Exploring upconversation nanocrystals towards the next-generation biolabel and photonic device.
        Thursday, 19 June

        Mr Angus Netting

        Adelaide Microscopy

        Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis: materials characterization and beyond
        Thursday, 17 June

        Prof John Arkwright

        Professor (Adjunct), Australian National University
        Flinders University

        In-vivo optical fibre monitoring and measurement - a perfect confluence of clinial need and technical capability
        Monday, 19 May Talks and demonstrations from Sigma Koki Co Ltd (Japan),Furukawa Electric Co Ltd, Fitel (Japan) and Luna Inc. (USA) Product showcase
        Thursday, 15 May

        Dr Dusan Losic

        University of Adelaide, Chemical Engineering

        Thursday, 8 May

        Distinguished Professor Yuri Kivshar

        Nonlinear Physics Centre, Research School of Physics and Engineering, The Australian National University, Canberra

        Controlling electromagnetic waves with plasmonics and metamaterials
        Tuesday, 6 May

        Prof Neil Champness

        University of Nottingham, UK

        Surface Supramolecular Chemistry: Understanding Self-assembly at the Molecular Level
        Wednesday, 30 April

        Dr Tim Zhao

        UoA, IPAS

        Exploring Upconversion Nanocrystals towards the Next-generation Biolabel and Photonic Device
        Thursday, 24 April

        Prof Jeremy O'Brien

        Centre for Quantum Photonics, University of Bristol

        Qantum Technologies
        Tuesday, 22 April

        Dr Volker Buschmann

        PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany

        Advanced Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques: From Single Molecule to Ensemble Studies
        Tuesday, 15 April

        Prof Gordon Wallace

        University of Wollongong

        Additive Fabrication and Medical Bionics
        Thursday, 10 April

        A/Prof Peng Xi

        Peking University, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Beijing, China

        RESOLFT optical nanoscopy with organic and inorganic dyes
        Wednesday, 12 March

        Professor Ullrich Steiner

        Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

        Nano-structured energy materials made by Polymer Self-Assembly
        Tuesday, 11 March

        Dr Nathan Langford

        Senior Research Officer, Quantum Devices Group, University of London

        Progress towards practical quantum information processing with photons
        Tuesday, 25 February

        Andreas Hartmann

        Griffith Hack

        IP Workshop on Patents
        Friday, 7 February

        Dr Elisa De Ranieri

        Nature Nanotechnology

        Publishing in Nature Journals
        Friday, 17 January

        Professor Tingyun Wang

        Shanghai University, China

        Special optical fibers and sensors
      • 2013 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Wednesday 18 December 2013 A/Prof Paul Stoddart

        The Centre for Atom Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Swinburne University, VIC
        Neurophotonics: a new approach to bionic devices
        Tuesday 17 December Prof Harvey Rutt

        University of Southampton
        A Terahertz Potpourri
        Wednesday 27 November Richardas

        Seminar on new femtosecond laser machining techniques and new Yb:KGW regen systems
        Friday 8 November Prof Darren Crowdy

        Imperial College London
        Mathematical modelling of MOF fabrication: a status report
        Thur 24 October Mr Moritz Nagel

        Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
        Ultra‐stable cryogenic optical resonators for future technologies and tests of fundamental physics
        Thursday 17 October Prof Dave Kielpinski

        Griffiths University, Brisbane
        The shadow of a single atom
        Monday 14 October Ms Charlotte Bond

        PhD Student, University of Birmingham, UK
        Gravitational wave detection: Challenges of beam and mirror distortions in advanced interferometers
        Wednesday 9 October Dr Ian Stewart

        SARDI - Research Scientist (Toxicology), Food Safety and Innovation South Australian Research and Development Institute
        Ciguatera and Ciguatoxins - Challenges and Rewards
        Wednesday 4 Sept A/Prof Ju-Han Lee

        University of Seoal, Korea
        Nonlinear singla processing devices and pulsed lasers based on optical fiber technology
        Thursday 29 August A/Prof Robert Scholten

        Atom Optics, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne
        Quantum imaging in living cells
        Tuesday 27 August Prof Libo Yuan

        School of Science, Harbin Engineering University (HEU), Harbin, China
        In-fiber integrated optic devices and its applications
        Mon 26 August

        Mr Faraz Inam

        PhD Student, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University

        Fundamental characterisation of nanodiamond NV centre spontaneous emission.
        Tue 20 August

        Dr Mike Biercuk 

        Quantum Control Laboratory, University of Sydney

        Controlling Quantum Systems with Photons
        Friday 16 Aug

        Dr Andrew Sutton

        Centre for Gravitational Physics, Department of Quantum Science, Australian National University

        Inter-satellite interferometric laser ranging technology and terrestrial applications
        Wed 7 Aug

        Prof Philip Tuckey

        Director of Sytèmes de Référence Temps Espace (SYRTE) at the Observatoire de Paris

        STE-QUEST: Atomic sensors in space for fundamental physics, time and frequency metrology and other applications
        Wed 17 July

        Dr Yinlan Ruan


        Nanodiamond in glass: a new approach to single photon source and nanosensing
        Wed 3 July

        Mr Timothy Spencer and Mr Piers Lincoln

        ARI Commercial Development Manager and IPAS Institute Manager - IPAS

        ARI awareness session
        Tue 2 July

        Prof Andrew White

        University of QLD

        Intriguing chemists and upsetting computer scientists using light and mirrors
        Wed 26 June

        Dr Mark Hutchinson

        The University of Adelaide, Physiology

        How do you know you are sick? The role of immune to brain communication
        Tue 21 May

        Emiritus Prof John Willoughby and Dr Marita Broberg

        Flinders University

        Spreading depressions of the Central Nervous System (CNS): mechanical and other causations
        Wed 8 May A/Prof Benjamin Thierry University SA From Micro-to-Nano: Novel Technologies for Cancer Biodiagnostics
        Wed 1 May

        Mr Romain Davoine


        KEOPSYS, fibre lasers and optical amplifiers designer and manufacturer
        Mon 29 April

        Ms Claire Davis and Mr Grant McAdam

        Senior Research Scientist, DSTO

        Measuring corrosion in defence applications
        Wed 20 Mar

        Dr Tom Stace

        University of QLD

        Quantum-Limited Spectroscopy
        Wed 13 Feb

        Ms Katherine Moore

        Flinders University

        Vertically aligned double and single walled carbon nanotubes for electrochemical surfaces
      • 2012 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Thur 6 December Prof David Huntley Tunnelling, Luminescence Decay and Anomalous Fading
        Wed 21 November Prof Paul Mulvaney Nanocrystals: Growth, Spectroscopy and Devices
        Tue 13 November Prof Barry Luther-Davies Chalcogenide glasses for nonlinear optics and  mid-IR science.
        Tue 11 September Dr Tichlam Nguyen Up & down converting fluorescent nanocrystals
        Tuesday 4 September Dr Lee Arnold Optical dating in a new light: Improved and extended-range chronologies using single-grain techniques
        Wednesday 22 August Dr Eric May Fluid Science for Natural Gas Research: Precision measurement challenges and solutions for delivering outcomes to industry
        Wednesday 20 June Dr Zeyad Alwahabi Laser Diagnostics in Reactive Fluids: Great Photonics to Better Engineering
        Tuesday 22 May Dr Ben Buchler
        Quantum memory for light: fun times with hot gas
        Wednesday 15 Februrary  Dr Yonggang Zhu  Lab-on-a-chip devices for chemistry and biology  
      • 2011 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Friday, 2 September

        Dr William Wadsworth, University of Bath, Bath, UK

        Prof Frank Tittel, Rice Quantum Institute, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

        Pick a colour, any colour - Photonic devices to serve microscopy and spectroscopy

        Infrared semiconductor laser based trace gas sensor technologies: recent advances and applications

        Friday, 5 August Prof Ewa Goldys, Macquarie University, NSW Data mining of cellular images
        Thursday, 12 May Prof Anatoly Rozenfeld Wollongong Uni, NSW Advanced Semiconductor Dosimetry for Radiotherapy and Radiation Protection
        Friday, 8 Apr Dr Sabrina Heng, University of Adelaide Light Driven on/off Sensors.
        Tuesday, 8 Feb Dr Jin Doyong, Macquarie University, NSW Advanced Bio-sensing Opportunities and Challenges in Temporal Domain Discrimination
        Tuesday, 4 Jan Dr Jose Varghese, CSIRO, Victoria Using structural biology to probe the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer ’s disease and mental health
      • 2011 Seminars
        IPAS Research Seminars
        Date Speaker Topic
        Thursday, 6 August



        Showcase 1 from the Scientific Management Committee

        Mp3 File


        Thursday, 2 July CSIRO
        Thursday, 18 June

        IPAS Roadshow:

        Physics Building Seminar Room 121 at 3.00pm

        View presentation slides and listen to the Mp3

        Thursday, 9 April Prof Shaun McColl

        "How control-ling the movement of cells can lead the fight against cancer, infection and autoimmune disease"

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