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Sapphire Clock - Defence

Optical High Temperature Sensor - CSIRO ON Prime

Measuring Sugars in Ovarian Cancers - Matthew Briggs

Atom-Fibre Drop

Above is the silhouette of almost one billion atoms, cooled to almost absolute zero (-273.15°C). The atom cloud is released from a magneto optical trap and allowed to fall using gravity. From the bottom of the video, a powerful laser is released from a special hollow optical fibre and through the atom cloud, trapping and guiding the coldest 1% of the atoms into the fibre.

Trapping and tightly packing millions of atoms within the fibre allows for the study of atom-light interactions, the baseline principles of many technologies such as absolutely-secure quantum communication network.

The video was created by PhD candidate, Ashby Hilton

Sapphire Clock - CSIRO ON Prime

CSIRO ON Prime Light Bulb Moments: Featuring Sapphire Clock

IPAS Trajan Partership

3D Printing and Ultrasonic Milling Capabilities at IPAS

Take a tour of IPAS with Professor Andre Luiten

IPAS 2014 Technology Highlights

Australia Day Luncheon 2014 - Adelaide - Keynote speech by Professor Tanya Monro

Single Nanocrystal Sensitivity

IPAS Six Research Themes

Study at IPAS

Radiation Sensing Fibres - Talking Papers #5

Make Glass - Precision Cooking

Preform Extrusion

Fibre Draw

IPAS Launch Video 2009

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