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The University of Adelaide Australia




Sunday 19th September 

Opening Plenary Lecture 
W.B. Frommer - Molecular sensors for nutrients metabolites and messengers: tools for understanding the regulation of the metabolome (Carnegie Institute, CA, USA)

Conference Sessions

Monday 20th September (Sessions 1-3)
The roles of AQPs
Chair: S.D. Tyerman (Adelaide, Australia)
Plenary Speaker: F. Chaumont (Louvain, Belgium)

Metabolite Transport
Chair: J. L. Heazlewood (Berkeley Laboratory, USA)
Plenary Speaker: U-I Flugge (Koeln, Germany)

Structure-Function of Membrane Proteins
Chair: P. Kjellbom (Lund, Sweden)
Plenary Speaker: W. Kuehlbrandt (Max-Planck Institute, Germany)

Tuesday 21st September (Sessions 4-6)
Growth, Turgor and Hormone Transport
Chair: G. Obermeyer (Salzberg, Austria)
Plenary Speaker: J. Feijo (Porto, Portugal)

Nutrient transport I - Anions
Chair: T.J. Chiou (ABRC, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Republic of China)
Plenary Speaker: Y-F Tsay (IWB, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Republic of China)

Nutrient transport II - Sodium and Potassium
Chair: E. Blumwald (Davis, CA, USA)
Plenary Speaker: M.R. Blatt (Glasgow, UK)

Wednesday 22nd September (Sessions 7-9)
Nutrient transport III - Polyvalent cations
Session 2 Chair: R. Reid (Adelaide, Australia)
Plenary Speaker: J-F Ma (Okayama, Japan)

Environmental Homeostasis
Chair: F.A. Smith (Adelaide, Australia)
Plenary Speaker: Y-S Lee (Postech, Pohang, Korea)

Membrane Structure and Development
Chair: M.R. Blatt (Glasgow, U.K.)
Plenary Speaker: C.S. Testerink (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Thursday 23rd September (Sessions 10-11)
Signalling related to Solute and Hormone transport
Session 1 Chair: M. Gilliham (Adelaide, Australia)
Plenary Speaker 2: A.A.R. Webb (Cambridge, UK)

Session 2 Chair: C. Beveridge (Queensland, Australia)
Plenary Speaker 1: J. Schroeder (La Jolla, USA) - "The Annals of Botany Lecture"

Friday 24th September (sessions 12-13)

Nutrient Use-Efficiency Day (Sponsored by the ACPFG)

NUE Session 1 (Session 12)
Session Chair: Z.Rengel (UWA, Perth, Australia)
Plenary Speaker: A. Gojon (BPMP, Montpellier, France)
Plenary Speaker: G-H Xu (Nanjing, People's Republic of China)

NUE Session 2 (Session 13)
Session Chair: Allen G. Good (Alberta, Canada)
Plenary Speaker: S. Rothstein (Guelph, Canada)
Plenary Speaker: Bertrand Hirel (INRA, Versailles, France)

Workshop Sessions

Tuesday 21st September
Advances in Imaging

Workshop Organiser:
W.B. Frommer (Carnegie Institute, CA, USA)

Wednesday 22nd September
Advances in Systems Biology
Workshop Organiser:
S.M. Assmann (Penn State, USA)

Thursday 23rd September
Advances in Membrane Proteomics
Workshop Organiser:
J. L. Heazlewood (Berkeley Laboratory, USA)

Friday 24th September Advances in Plant Phenomics
Workshop Organiser:
M. Tester (Adelaide, Australia)

Programme structure

Key Dates

Sunday 19th September 2010Registration, conference plenary lecture and evening social mixer at National Wine Centre
Monday 20th September 2010Welcome, session 1 & 2, 3, evening BBQ at Waite Campus and optional tour of Plant Accelerator and winery
Tuesday 21st September 2010Session 4, 5, & 6, workshop 1, poster session 1
Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Session 7 , 8, & 9, workshop 2 & workshop 3

Thursday 23rd September 2010Session 10, 11 & poster session 2, conference banquet in evening
Friday 24th September 2010Nutrient Use-Efficiency Day, workshop 4, farewell drinks, conference close.