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Macau Days

Immerse yourself in the rich multicultural history of Macau through the enigmatic images of John Young, the dazzling poetry and prose of Brian Castro, and the evocative soundscapes of Luke Harrald.
23 Sept (launch)-8 Oct 2017                                                                                                                               Migration Museum,                                                                                                                                                                82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide SA 5000

Image on leftMacau Days is a trilingual exhibition and book exploring Macau's eclectic history as the oldest European settlement in Asia. John Young’s enigmatic paintings pay homage to historical figures like Wenceslau de Moraes (writer and translator, 1854-1929) and Wu Li (poet and priest, 1632-1718), while Brian Castro’s dazzling poetry and prose reimagines these lives and associates each character with a particular Macanese recipe or cuisine. Luke Harrald’s soundscapes bring these stories vividly to life.The trilingual collector's art book, featuring Young’s haunting images, Castro’s brilliant writing and tantalizing Macanese recipes, will be launched at the exhibition opening.

Download the invitation to the launch.

To purchase copies of the book, contact Art+Australia.

This exhibition and book is made possible thanks to the generous support of the EU Centre for Global Affairs, The University of Adelaide.

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This exhibition is part of the OzAsia Festival 2017 and is supported by the Migration Museum.

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