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Raining Poetry in Adelaide

Raining Poetry in Adelaide is a poetry street-festival organised and led by postgraduate students at the University of Adelaide.

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Reading Group

Our new Director, Associate Professor Anna Goldsworthy, and distinguished JMCCCP member Professor Anne Pender have started a Reading Group that focuses broadly on the topic of creative practice and contemporary society.

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Winter Words: Poetry Workshops and Salons

We are delighted to collaborate with the Adelaide Hills Council again in 2021 to present four poetry events, two workshops and two salons.

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Provocation #3: The end of the world has already happened

Provocation #3 calls for provocateurs who envision what stands at the limits of our world and beyond; provocateurs who can respond to Timothy Morton’s question: “What’s the point? Does anything mean anything if we’re all going extinct?”

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Talking Pictures

We are delighted to collaborate with the Papercuts Comics Festival and The University of Adelaide's Department of Media to present Talking Pictures. Join us for this evening of visual storytelling.

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Rural Seclusion

This concert of songs and readings features Alex Roose (baritone), Gillian Dooley (soprano), Stephen van der Hoek (piano), with readings and narration by Professor Tom Burton, an international specialist in the poetry of Barnes.

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