Early Career Researchers: Publications

  • Shannon Burns


    • Burns, Shannon. "The Lumpen Critic," Meanjin. Autumn 2016.
    • Burns, Shannon. "The Rings of Saturn: A Lasting Chronicle of Mourning," Sydney Review of Books. Dec 2015.
    • Burns, Shannon. "Gerald Murnane: An Idiot in the Greek Sense," Sydney Review of Books. Oct 2015.
    • Burns, Shannon. "Shannon Burns reviews Something for the Pain by Gerald Murnane," Australian Book Review 375, Oct 2015.
    • Burns, Shannon. "Frowny Face," Verity La. Aug 2015.
    • Burns, Shannon. "The Scientist of his own Experience: A Profile of Gerald Murnane," Australian Book Review. 373. Aug 2015.
    • Burns, Shannon. "Mourning as Hospitality to Trauma: Ethics as Being Human After or in light of Auschwitz," in Re-reading Derrida: Perspectives on Mourning and Its Hospitalities (ed. Tony Thwaites, Judith Seaboyer) Rowman & Littlefield, 2013.
    • Burns, Shannon. "Waste" The Adelaide Review, October 2009.
  • Eva Hornung

    Major publications


    • Hornung Eva. Dog Boy Bloomsbury, UK, 2010; Viking, US, 2010; HarperCollins, Canada, 2010; Text Publishing, Australia, 2009; B Paperback 2010. Multiple translations in multiple languages
    • Hornung Eva. The Marsh Birds (Allen&Unwin, 2006)
    • Hornung Eva. Fire Fire (Allen&Unwin, 2005)
    • Hornung Eva. Mahjar (Allen&Unwin,2003)
    • Hornung Eva. The City of Sealions (Allen&Unwin,1998)


    • Hornung Eva. Sheherazade Through the Looking Glass: The Metamorphosis of the 'Thousand and One Nights' (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures) (1999)
  • Maggie Tonkin

    Major publications

    • TONKIN Maggie. Angela Carter and Decadence: Critical fictions/Fictional critiques (Palgrave Macmillan 2012)
    • TONKIN Maggie.Changing the Victorian Subject : co-edited with Mandy Treagus, Sharon Crozier De-Rosa, and Madeleine Seys (University of Adelaide Press, forthcoming 2013-14)
    • TONKIN Maggie. A number of articles and book chapters on Angela Carter and contemporary fiction.
    • TONKIN Maggie. Regular reviewer and writer for Dance Australia
  • Carol Lefevre

    Major publications

    • LEFEVRE Carole. Nights in the Asylum, Picador (UK) and Vintage (Australia), 2007
    • LEFEVRE Carol. If You Were Mine, Vintage (Australia), 2008
    • LEFEVRE, Carole. Quiet City: Walking in West Terrace Cemetery, Wakefield Press, 2016
  • Anne Bartlett

    Major publications


    • BARTLETT Anne. Knitting; a novel, (Houghton Mifflin, 2005)


    • WILSON Garnett & BARTLETT Anne. The Chairman: The Life of Garnett Ian Wilson OAM, (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2004)
  • Ms Kelli Rowe

    Major publications

    • ROWE Kelli, 'Failing', The Lee Marvin Readings: An Evening with Edmund Gwenn, Ken Bolton [ed], curated by Yolande Sharpe and Kerry Urquhart-Neue
    • ROWE Kelli, Libretto for Pneumata, an opera composed by Danny Steffey, premiered in Oakland, CA, USA, in 2014. Spoken word project with electronics composer r.domain, premiered at COMA in 2013
  • Dr Chelsea Avard

    Major publications


    • AVARD Chelsea, ‘Nothing Simple: the impossible object in Alex Miller’s The Sitters’. Border Crossings, Diana Glenn & Graham Tulloch [eds], Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities. Flinders University (forthcoming).

    Short stories

    • AVARD Chelsea, 'Reasons for Green’, On Edge: an anthology, Christy Di Frances, Susan Errington, Rachel Hennessy and Emmett Stinson [eds], Wakefield Press, 2005
    • AVARD Chelsea, ‘Cause and Effect’, The Deathbed Challenge: The Sleepers Almanac, Zoe Dattner & Louise Swinn [eds], Sleepers Publishing: 2004


    • AVARD Chelsea, ‘Hungry Women’, The Body: an anthology, Henry Ashley-Brown, Chelsea Avard, Stephanie Thomson and Amy T. Matthews [eds], Wakefield Press: 2004


    • ASHLEY-BROWN Henry, AVARD Chelsea, THOMPSON Stephanie & MATTHEWS Amy T. [eds], The Body: an anthology, Wakefield Press, 2004
  • Dr Lisa Harms

    Major publications


    • HARMS, Lisa, ‘Iran: Scripts of Despair and love: Nasim Nasr & Siamak Fallah,' Artlink, 31.1, 2011
    • HARMS, Lisa and Stephanie Radok, 'Joe Felber: moments of time,' Artlink, 29.1, 2009
    • HARMS, Lisa, 'Painting at SALA,' Artlink, 27.4, 90 - 91, 2007

    Catalogue essays

    • HARMS, Lisa, ‘uncomfortable empathies: on the growth of crystals and the building of (an)other palace,' curator's catalogue essay for Crystal Palace, Adelaide Flinders University Art Museum, 24 -29, 2013
    • HARMS, Lisa, ‘things touching quite by chance,' curator's catalogue essay for after the goldrush, SALA Gallery, 5th May - 5th June, 2009
    • HARMS, Lisa, Drawing on the Particular for Anna Hughes, 24 Hour Arts, Darwin, 2005