Dr Luke Harrald

  • Compositions

    • Harrald, Luke, 2017. Sound installation for Macau Days exhibition at the Migration Museum. 23 Sept- 8 Oct 2017. Organised by the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice with the support of the EU Centre for Global Affairs and John Young Studio as part of the OzAsia Festival.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2015. Soundtrack to 10 Minutes to Midnight (7.1 surround installation, 25 minutes)
    • Commissioned by Alphaville Productions, funded by The Australia Council for the Arts, and Arts SA.
    • Harrald, Luke & Coulter, James, 2013. Unique Stories, Many Voices (permanent park installation, 18 minutes). Commissioned by The City of Marion.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2013. Sound Lamp (sculptural installation & sound, open duration) . Commissioned by The City of Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2012. Resonant Ghosts (site-specific electro-acoustic work, 15 minutes) Part of the event "Southern Encounter". Commissioned by Country Arts SA, Funded by The Australia Council for the Arts, Arts SA and Regional Arts Australia.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2012. Distant Front (string quartet & electronics, 14 minutes). Commissioned by the Art Gallery of South Australia to accompany the Fred Williams Retrospective. Premiered by the Australian String Quartet.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2011. You Can Change The World By Shopping (video, piano & electronics, 6 minutes). Commissioned by the Art Gallery of South Australia to accompany the British Art Now exhibition.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2011. The Sound of Tau - A new manifesto (video & electronics, 8 minutes). Commissioned by the Royal Institution Australia.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2010. Soundtrack to Blinman Underground Experience (permanent tourism installation, 30 minutes). Commissioned by Tourism SA.
    • Harrald, Luke, 2008. EndGame (string quartet & electronics, 21 minutes). Commissioned by Zephyr String Quartet, Funded by Arts SA.
  • Publications

    • Whittington, Stephen C. (50%) & Harrald, Luke A. (50%), 2009. "Hidden City: ‘Being-with' in improvised performance" in Proceedings of the 2009 International Computer Music Conference, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
    • Harrald, Luke A. 2007 "Collaborative Music Making with Live Algorithms", in TRANS: Proceedings of the 2007 Australasian Computer Music Conference, The Australian National Centre for New Media Arts, ANU, Canberra.
    • Harrald, Luke A. 2003."Artificial Life: a model for musical innovation?" in Proceedings of the Australian Conference on Artificial Life 2003, Australian Defence Force Academy, Duntroon, ACT.