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Brian Castro

  • Books
    • CASTRO, Brian and John Young. Macau Days. Trans. Annie Ren & Isabel Morais. Intro by Edward Colless and afterword by Paul Carter. Melbourne: Art+Australia, 2017.
    • CASTRO, Brian. Blindness & Rage: A Phantasmagoria. Sydney: Giramondo, 2017.
    • CASTRO, Brian. Street to Street. Sydney: Giramondo, 2012.
    • CASTRO, Brian. The Bath Fugues. Sydney: Giramondo, 2009.
    • CASTRO, Brian. The Garden Book. Sydney: Giramondo, 2005.
    • CASTRO, Brian. Shanghai Dancing, (Sydney: Giramondo, 2003). (NY: Kaya Press, 2009), Danser Shanghai, Trans. French, Isabelle Lee, (Lyon: Tigre de Papier, 2010), Shanghai Dancing Trans. Chinese, Wang Guanglin, (Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2010)
    • CASTRO, Brian. Stepper, (Sydney:Random House, 1997). Forthcoming: (NY: Kaya Press, 2008). Stepper oder Die Kunst der Spionage. Trans. German, Hans J. Schütz, (Stuttgart: Klett Cotta Verlag, 1999).
    • CASTRO, Brian. Drift, (Melbourne: Heinemann, 1994, Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2011)
    • CASTRO, Brian. After China, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1992). L'Architecte Chinois Trans. French, Isabelle Lee, (Avignon: Editions de l'Aube, 2003), Ling yipian haitan. Trans. Chinese, Liang Fen, (Tianjin: Baihua Publishing House, 1995). Stage adaptation by Peter Copeman, Belvoir Street Theatre, August 1998
    • CASTRO, Brian. After China, New Australian edition with an introduction by Katharine England, (Adelaide: Lythrum Press, July 2003)
    • CASTRO, Brian. Double-Wolf, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1991). New Australian edition with an introduction by Katharine England, (Adelaide: Lythrum Press, 2005)
    • CASTRO, Brian. Pomeroy, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1990). Pomeroy, Trans. German, Hans J. Schütz, (Stuttgart: Klett Cotta Verlag, 1998)
    • CASTRO, Brian. Birds of Passage, (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1983). Les Oiseaux de Passage. Trans. French. Xavier Pons, (Toulouse: Editions Ombres 1988). Piaobo de niao. Trans. Chinese. Li Yao, (Beijing: Kat Lam Yun Mun, 1991).
  • Book Chapters
    • CASTRO Brian, The Company We Keep, Room 101, Catherine Cole and Bronek Kozka eds. Bristol: Intellect, 2013
    • CASTRO Brian, Authors Take Sides, edited by Jean Moorcroft Wilson & Cecil Woolf, Melbourne University Press, July 2004 (ISBN 0522-85136-3)
    • CASTRO Brian, The Persistence of Memory, in Victor Barker [ed], Paris Studio, Halstead Press, 2001. (ISBN: 1 875684 78 6)
  • Radio Plays
    • 1995 CASTRO, Brian. 'Nightsafe Area', Broadcast, ABC radio. 13/7/95, re-broadcast 'Soundstage' 8/4/97.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Secrets', Broadcast, ABC FM, re-broadcast Radio National, March, 1994.
  • Stage Plays
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'After China', Stage adaptation by Peter Copeman, Belvoir Street Theatre, 1998
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Secrets', Monologue for the Sydney Festival performed by John Derum. ANZ Theatre, Darling Harbour, 27th-30th January, 1994.
  • Screenplays
    • CASTRO, Brian. (With Jim Sharman), 'After China', 1993, (unpublished).
  • Monographs
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Writing Asia and Auto/biography': Two Lectures University College, Australian Defence Force Academy, January, 1996.
  • Selected Essays
    • CASTRO, Brian. Looking for Estrellita - Essays on Writing and Culture, St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1999.
  • Journal Articles
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Literature and Fashion', The Sydney Review of Books, 23 April 2013
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'On Translation', The Warwick Review, University of Warwick, Coventry UK, 2013.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Melancholy Objects: Flaubert's Double Agency,' Australian Journal of French Studies, Vol 48, Issue 3, 2011.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Slow Boat To Culture', The Australian Literary Review, October, 2011 p 20.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Creative Writing in Asia', symposium paper, City University, Hong Kong, TEXT special issue, April 2011.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'The Nth Degree, An Anthology of New Writing', (Foreword), Melbourne: Arcade Custom, 2010
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Roller Coaster', Victorian Writers Centre Newsletter July, 2010.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'The Idea Of Asia', Art & Australia, October, 2009.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Arrested Motion and Future Mourning: Hybridity and Creativity', Blaiklock Lecture, University of Sydney, Southerly, 2009.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Hybridity and Creativity', Cultures in Transit, Transtext(e)s/Transcultures, (
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'In Camera', HEAT 19, 2008.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Revolution in Mind', Review, The Australian Literary Review, April, 2008.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Eight Chinese Lessons', Griffith Review, October, 2007.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Twice Born: Risk and Trespass in White's Patrick', HEAT, September, 2007.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'My Write of Way', The Age, A2, June 30, 2007.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Written Kisses', Meanjin, Vol 66 No. 1, April, 2007. Reprinted, 'Language Gives You Wings', The Age, A2, April 7, 2007.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Memory/Memorial', Anglophonia. The French Journal Of English Studies, (Toulouse: Presses Universitaires du Mirail). Volume 21 2007.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Parleying Apocalypse', Meanjin, Vol. 64, No. 4. 2005.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Caesura', in Griffith Review, Vol. 6, Summer, 2004-5.
    • CASTRO, Brian. Entry in Authors Take Sides, edited by Jean Moorcroft Wilson & Cecil Woolf, Melbourne University Press, July 2004.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Through a Glass Darkly - W.G. Sebald's Overcast Style' HEAT 7, 2004.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Forgetting Paris', in The Australian Author, July, 2003.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'BlueMax - a tribute to W.G. Sebald', HEAT 3, New Series, May, 2002. Best Australian Essays 2002, ed. Peter Craven, Black Inc. Books, 2002.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'The Persistence of Memory', in Victor Barker, ed., Paris Studio, Halstead Press, 2001.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Volées', Catalogue essay for John Young's Exhibition Pine's Edge. Anna Schwartz Galleries, 2001.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Auto/biographie', Paris, Vacarme, No. 15, Printemps, 2001, Trans. Isabelle Lee.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Cultural Cringe' Meanjin, Vol. 59 No. 3, 2000.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Identity Papers', The Australian's Review of Books, 9 June, 1999.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Autobiography and Disinheritance', Australian Humanities Review, February,1999.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'The Role Of The Critic', Australian Book Review, November, 1997.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Writing Stepper', The Shincho Magazine, Tokyo, Japan, Vol. 11, 1997, Aurora Australis, 1997.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Masked Balls' HEAT, Vol.1, July, 1996.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Nature Morte' Art Monthly/Australian Book Review, August, 1996.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Heterotopias: Writing and Location. The Australian Context' Australian Literary Studies. Winter 1995.
    • CASTRO, Brian. Introduction to Beyond Black and White; photography and texts ed. Andy Park (Panda Press), 1995.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Just Flirting', The Australian Book Review, June, 1995.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Lesions' Meanjin, Vol. 54, No.1, 1995.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Continental Drift', The Sydney Institute Papers, August, 1994.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'On the last ten years', The Good Weekend, September, 1994.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'On Grief' Saturday Extra, The Age, 1993.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'The Public and the Private - a meditation on noise', Island magazine, Winter, 1991.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Necessary Idiocy' in Striking Chords, Allen & Unwin November, 1991. First published in The Age Monthly Review, February 1989.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'On Landscape and Inspiration', The Good Weekend, November, 1991.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'On Gail Morgan', Editions, July, 1990.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Finding A Voice' Asiaweek, May 3, 1985.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Winning The Race' Harper's Bazaar, March, 1985.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Memoirs of a Displaced Person' National Times January 6 - 12, 1984.
    • CASTRO, Brian. 'Writing In Multicultural Australia', Ed. A. Ward, Sydney: Australia Council Published Papers, 1984.
  • Short Stories
    • CASTRO, Brian,'The Company We Keep', Room 101, Catherine Cole and Bronek Kozka eds. Bristol: Intellect, 2013 .
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'The Reprieve', Wet Ink, Issue 25, Summer 2011
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'The Archivist', TEXT, Vol. 14, No. 7. Special issue, November, 2010.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'My Nervous Illness', HEAT, Edition 21, 2009.
    • CASTRO, Brian, 'Notes to a Biographer', Griffith Review, 23, 2009.

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