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Early Career Researchers: Publications

  • Shannon Burns

    Burns, Shannon. "The Lumpen Critic," Meanjin. Autumn 2016.

    Burns, Shannon. "The Rings of Saturn: A Lasting Chronicle of Mourning," Sydney Review of BooksDec 2015.

    Burns, Shannon. "Gerald Murnane: An Idiot in the Greek Sense," Sydney Review of Books. Oct 2015.

    Burns, Shannon. "Shannon Burns reviews Something for the Pain by Gerald Murnane," Australian Book Review 375, Oct 2015.

    Burns, Shannon. "Frowny Face," Verity La. Aug 2015.

    Burns, Shannon. "The Scientist of his own Experience: A Profile of Gerald Murnane," Australian Book Review. 373. Aug 2015.

    Burns, Shannon. "Mourning as Hospitality to Trauma: Ethics as Being Human After or in light of Auschwitz," in Re-reading Derrida: Perspectives on Mourning and Its Hospitalities (ed. Tony Thwaites, Judith Seaboyer) Rowman & Littlefield, 2013.

    Burns, Shannon. "Waste" The Adelaide Review, October 2009.

  • Eva Hornung

    Major Publications

    Hornung Eva. Dog Boy Bloomsbury, UK, 2010; Viking, US, 2010; HarperCollins, Canada, 2010; Text Publishing, Australia, 2009; B Paperback 2010. Multiple translations in multiple languages

    Hornung Eva. The Marsh Birds (Allen&Unwin, 2006)

    Hornung Eva. Fire Fire (Allen&Unwin, 2005)

    Hornung Eva. Mahjar (Allen&Unwin,2003)

    Hornung Eva. The City of Sealions (Allen&Unwin,1998)

    Non Fiction
    Hornung Eva. Sheherazade Through the Looking Glass: The Metamorphosis of the 'Thousand and One Nights' (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures) (1999)

  • Maggie Tonkin

    Major Publications
    TONKIN Maggie. Angela Carter and Decadence: Critical fictions/Fictional critiques (Palgrave Macmillan 2012)
    TONKIN Maggie.Changing the Victorian Subject : co-edited with Mandy Treagus, Sharon Crozier De-Rosa, and Madeleine Seys (University of Adelaide Press, forthcoming 2013-14)
    TONKIN Maggie. A number of articles and book chapters on Angela Carter and contemporary fiction.
    TONKIN Maggie. Regular reviewer and writer for Dance Australia

  • Carol Lefevre

    Major Publications

    LEFEVRE Carole. Nights in the Asylum, Picador (UK) and Vintage (Australia), 2007

    LEFEVRE Carol. If You Were Mine, Vintage (Australia), 2008

    LEFEVRE, Carole. Quiet City: Walking in West Terrace Cemetery, Wakefield Press, 2016

  • Anne Bartlett

    Major Publications

    BARTLETT Anne. Knitting; a novel, (Houghton Mifflin, 2005)

    WILSON Garnett & BARTLETT Anne. The Chairman: The Life of Garnett Ian Wilson OAM, (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2004)

  • Ms Kelli Rowe

    Major Publications

    ROWE Kelli, 'Failing', The Lee Marvin Readings: An Evening with Edmund Gwenn, Ken Bolton [ed], curated by Yolande Sharpe and Kerry Urquhart-Neue
    ROWE Kelli, Libretto for Pneumata, an opera composed by Danny Steffey, premiered in Oakland, CA, USA, in 2014. Spoken word project with electronics composer r.domain, premiered at COMA in 2013

  • Dr Chelsea Avard

    Major Publications

    AVARD Chelsea, ‘Nothing Simple: the impossible object in Alex Miller’s The Sitters’. Border Crossings, Diana Glenn & Graham Tulloch [eds], Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities. Flinders University (forthcoming).

    Short Stories
    AVARD Chelsea, 'Reasons for Green’, On Edge: an anthology,Christy Di Frances, Susan Errington, Rachel Hennessy and Emmett Stinson [eds], Wakefield Press, 2005
    AVARD Chelsea, ‘Cause and Effect’, The Deathbed Challenge: The Sleepers Almanac, Zoe Dattner & Louise Swinn [eds], Sleepers Publishing: 2004

    AVARD Chelsea, ‘Hungry Women’, The Body: an anthology, Henry Ashley-Brown, Chelsea Avard, Stephanie Thomson and Amy T. Matthews [eds], Wakefield Press: 2004

    ASHLEY-BROWN Henry, AVARD Chelsea, THOMPSON Stephanie & MATTHEWS Amy T. [eds], The Body: an anthology, Wakefield Press, 2004

  • Dr Lisa Harms

    Major Publications

    HARMS, Lisa, ‘Iran: Scripts of Despair and love: Nasim Nasr & Siamak Fallah,' Artlink, 31.1, 2011
    HARMS, Lisa and Stephanie Radok, 'Joe Felber: moments of time,' Artlink, 29.1, 2009
    HARMS, Lisa, 'Painting at SALA,' Artlink, 27.4, 90 - 91, 2007

    Catalogue Essays
    HARMS, Lisa, ‘uncomfortable empathies: on the growth of crystals and the building of (an)other palace,' curator's catalogue essay for Crystal Palace, Adelaide Flinders University Art Museum, 24 -29, 2013
    HARMS, Lisa, ‘things touching quite by chance,' curator's catalogue essay for after the goldrush, SALA Gallery, 5th May - 5th June, 2009
    HARMS, Lisa, Drawing on the Particular for Anna Hughes, 24 Hour Arts, Darwin, 2005



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