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Nicholas Jose

  • Fiction
    • JOSE Nicholas. Bapo [Giramondo Publishing, 2014]
    • JOSE Nicholas. Avenue of Eternal Peace [Wakefield Press, 2008]
    • JOSE Nicholas. The Red Thread [Giramondo Publishing 2005]
    • JOSE Nicholas. Original Face [Giramondo Publishing 2005]
    • JOSE Nicholas.The Custodians [St. Martin's Press, 1997]
    • JOSE Nicholas. The Rose Crossing [Overlook Press, 1996] 
    • JOSE Nicholas. Paper Nautilus [Penguin Books, 1987]
  • Short Fiction
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'What Love Tells Me', The Best Australian Stories [Black Inc., 2011, pp.180-88]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'What Love Tells Me' HEAT 24, New series [2010, pp.171-79]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Aunt's Garden's Story', Small City Tales of Strangeness and Beauty [Wakefield Press, 2009, pp.85-87]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'After the Show', New Australian Stories, [Scribe 2008, pp.183-88]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Emeritus Professor Wally Frith addresses a ceremony at Peking Union Medical College (Beijing, 2008)', Asian Literary Review [Summer, 2008 No.8, pp.213-17]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Disappearing Book', Biblio: A Review of Books (India) [vol.xiii, nos.9 & 10, Sept-Oct 2008] 
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'George', The Review of Contemporary Fiction [Fall 2007, vol. xxvii, no.3, pp.206-09]
  • Poetry
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Cities of China, 1989-1990' [Southerly, no 3, 1992, pp.75-78]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Mine' [Voices, vol 4, no 4, 1994-95, p. 42-43] 
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Moonflowers' [HEAT, 1, pp.35-37]
  • Non-Fiction
    • JOSE Nicholas [ed]. 'Introduction', The Literature of Australia: an anthology [Norton 2009]
    • JOSE Nicholas [ed]. 'Introduction', Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature [Allen & Unwin 2009]
    • JOSE Nicholas [ed]. 'Introduction', Contemporary Art & Philanthropy: Private Foundations Asia-Pacific Focus [Power Publications, UNSW Press 2009]
    • JOSE Nicholas [ed]. Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature [Allen & Unwin 2008] 
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Everyday and Exotic: Australian Asian Writing', The Long View, [The Wheeler Centre, June 2012].
  • Essays and Reviews
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Damage Control: Australian Literature as Translation', Westerly, 57: 1 [July 2012, pp.102-20].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Visitants: Randolph Stow's End Time Novel' Transnational Literature 3:1 [May 2011].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The man and his thoughts' Australian Literary Review [5 October 2011].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'At the Limit of Literature': review of The Cambridge History of Australian Literature, Modernism/modernity 17: 4 [November 2010]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Through the Iron Bars': review of Lu Xun, The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun, translated by Julia Lovell, Australian Literary Review [November 2010, p.14].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'A Secret Alterity', The Great Australian Novel [Brolga, 2010, pp.i-v].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Mulberry Australis', The Museum of Economic Botany [Adelaide Botanic Garden, 2010, pp. 162-64].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Who'll come a-morphing', Australian Literary Review [August 2009, p.14].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'All Our Own Work', The Weekend Australian [25 July 2009, Review p.10].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Earthy Expose of China's Cowboy Capitalism', review of Yu Hua, Brothers, The Weekend Australian [26 June 2009, Review p.10].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Australian Literature Inside and Out' , JASAL, vol 9 Special Issue [2009, pp.1-13]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'I had written him a letter', Essentially Creative: Griffith Review [Edition 23, 2008].
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Recovering Australian Literature', NSW History Awards Address 2008, SMH October 28, 2008
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Penumbra: Contemporary Art from Taiwan', Art Monthly [May 2008]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Back to the Avantgarde', In the Neighbourhood: Griffith Review [Edition 18, 2007]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'There's this world too: Nicolas Rothwell, Another Country', Australian Book Review [March 2007, 16-17]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Go West', The Age [December 16, 2006, 16-17] JOSE Nicholas. 'Writers in Prison', Wet Ink [vol 4: 2006, 20-21]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Adam Aitken', Dictionary of Literary Biography, Australian Writers: 1975-2000 [Gale, 2006]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'A Shelf of Our Own: Creative Writing and Australian Literature', Australian Book Review [November 2005, 25-29]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Oh, great river: Yo Yo, Ghost Tide', Australian Book Review [September 2005, 56]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Jumping Puddles', Australian Author [August 2005, pp. 8-11] JOSE Nicholas. 'Talking English: Tony Roberts, Frontier Justice', Australian Book Review [April 2005, 14-15]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Memoir: Tiananmen, Liu Xiaobo and PEN', The Quarterly [Sydney PEN Centre, March 2005, 28-31]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Bliss and Damnation: Peter Carey in Australia', Fabulating Beauty: Perspectives on the Fiction of Peter Carey, [Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York, 2005]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Ouyang Yu, New and Selected Poems', Life Writing [3, 2005]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Compliment Men', Best Australian Essays 2004 [Black Inc., Melbourne, 2004, 217-232]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Going, going, Guan', on Guan Wei, Weekend Australian [September 18-19 2004, Arts, R18-19]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Pammie's Queen of Puddings', Mumma's Kitchen: Recipes and Stories [ABC Books, Sydney 2004, 114-121]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Mungo Excursion', Vintage: Celebrating Ten Years of the Mildura Writers' Festival [Hardie Grant Books, Melbourne, 2004, 25-37]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Writing's on the Wall', Financial Times [14-15 February 2004, Weekend 5]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Compliment Men', Meanjin [4/2003, 7-20]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Necklace of Pearl: Henry Reynolds, North of Capricorn', Australian Book Review [November 2003, 11-12]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Compost and Pollination', Translations, Southerly [1/2003, 9-23]
  • Catalogue Essays & Art Writing
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries: The Slickest Little Korean Scumbag Downunder', Edge of Elsewhere, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2012 (forthcoming).
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'On the Way', Stewart MacFarlane: paintings [Wei-Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur 2012, pp.13-26]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'My China Project', The China Project [Queensland Art Gallery 2009] 
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'Citizens of the World', Writing the Painting [University of South Australia, March 2006]
    • JOSE Nicholas. 'The Sinking Ship', Interesting Times [Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, September 2005]

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