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Graeme Koehne

  • Compositions
    • Graeme KOEHNE Albany Harbour (The Voyage) Brass Ensemble 2009 Official ANZAC Day Commemoration
    • Graeme KOEHNE Sleep of Reason 2 Cellos and Orchestra 2008 Adelaide Symphony Australia
    • Graeme KOEHNE Prelude and Aria Soprano & Orchestra 2006 Adelaide Symphony Australia
    • Graeme KOEHNE Tivoli Dances Orchestra 2005 Tasmanian Symphony Australia
    • Graeme KOEHNE High Art Solo Trumpet and Orchestra 2003 James Morrison & the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Graeme KOEHNE Gojiro 5 percussionists 2003 Musica Viva Australia
    • Graeme KOEHNE String Quartet No. 3 'True History of the Kelly Gang' String Quartet 2002 Musica Viva Australia
    • Graeme KOEHNE Tivoli Ballet/Orchestra 2001 Australian Ballet & Sydney Dance Company
    • Graeme KOEHNE In-Flight Entertainment Solo Oboe and Orchestra 2000 Sydney Symphony Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE Fanfare for a New Millenium Orchestra 1999 Sydney Olympic Games Organising Committee
    • Graeme KOEHNE Mass for the Middle-Aged: A Capella Chorus 1999 Adelaide Chamber Singers
    • Graeme KOEHNE Grandma's Shoes Children's Opera Chamber Ensemble 1998 Theatre of Image
    • Graeme KOEHNE 1914 Full Evening Ballet 1998 Australian Ballet Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE Elevator Music Orchestra 1997 Sydney Symphony Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE A Closed World Solo Guitar 1997 Timothy Kain
    • Graeme KOEHNE String Quartet No. 2 ‘Shaker Dances' String Quartet 1995 Australian String Quartet
    • Graeme KOEHNE Powerhouse Orchestra 1993 Australian Broadcasting Commission
    • Graeme KOEHNE Love Burns Chamber Opera 1992 Seymour Group Adelaide Festival
    • Graeme KOEHNE Nashville Tuning Guitar Quartet arr. Piano Duet 1991 Guitar Trek
    • Graeme KOEHNE Three Poems of Byron Voice/String Orchestra Voice/Piano 1991 Adelaide Chamber Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE Unchained Melody Orchestra 1990 ABC/Musica Nova Festival
    • Graeme KOEHNE Suite from ‘Once Around the Sun' Orchestra 1989 Requested by Dobbs Franks for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE To His Servant Bach, God Grants a Final Glimpse: The Morning Star String Orchestra arr. String Quartet arr. Organ arr. Harp 1989 Mt Buller Chamber Music School
    • Graeme KOEHNE Aphorisms Piano 1989
    • Graeme KOEHNE Once Around the Sun Ballet/Orchestra 1988 Queensland Ballet Company & The Australian Bicentennial Authority
    • Graeme KOEHNE Rhythmic Birds of the Antipodes Ballet/Orchestra 1988 West Australian Ballet Company & The Australian Bicentennial Authority
    • Graeme KOEHNE Fanfare Brass/Percussion 1988 Adelaide City Council
    • Graeme KOEHNE Capriccio Solo Piano/ String Orchestra 1987 rev. 2006 Australian Chamber Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE Nocturnes Ballet/Orchestra 1987 Australian Ballet Foundation & The Australian Bicentennial Authority
    • Graeme KOEHNE Nearly Beloved Ballet/ Chamber Orchestra 1986 Sydney Dance Company
    • Graeme KOEHNE Dreamer of Dreams Orchestra/Chorus/Grand Organ 1986 Jubilee 150 Youth Music Festival
    • Graeme KOEHNE Miniature Ensemble 1985
    • Graeme KOEHNE Visions of Paradise - Ballet Suite Orchestra 1985 Requested by Richard Mills for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
    • Graeme KOEHNE Palm Court Suite aka ‘Old Friends New Friends' Ballet/Piano & String Quartet 1984 Sydney Dance Company
    • Graeme KOEHNE Gothic Toccata Grand Organ 1983 David Kinsela Sydney Opera House 10th Anniversary Concerts
    • Graeme KOEHNE String Quartet No. 1 ‘Divertissement: Trois Piecés Bourgeoises' String Quartet 1983 New England Regional Art Museum
    • Graeme KOEHNE The Selfish Giant Ballet/Chamber Orchestra 1982 Sydney Dance Company Festival of Sydney
    • Graeme KOEHNE Limited Edition Ballet/Choir/Ensemble 1982 Sydney Dance Company Summer Arts Project Sydney Opera House
    • Graeme KOEHNE riverrun ... Orchestra 1982 John Bishop Memorial Commission, Adelaide Festival
    • Graeme KOEHNE Rain Forest Orchestra 1981 First Prize ABC Peter Stuyvesant Young Composers Awards 1982 Adelaide Festival 
    • Graeme KOEHNE Twilight Rain Piano 1979
  • Film & Television
    • Graeme KOEHNE Disgrace Starring John Malkovich, Feature Film 2008, Directed by Steve Jacobs for Fortissimo Films
    • Graeme KOEHNE Heavens Burning Starring Russell Crowe and Youki Kudoh, Feature Film 1998, Directed by Craig Lahiff for Duo Art Productions
    • Graeme KOEHNE Confident Employment Documentary Video 1997, Restless Films Produced by Lauren Drewery
    • Graeme KOEHNE The Sentimental Bloke Classic Silent Feature Film 1995, Commissioned by the ABC with the National Film and Sound Archive, directed by Raymond Longford
    • Graeme KOEHNE The Kid Stakes Classic Silent Feature Film 1994, Commissioned by the ABC with the National Film and Sound Archive, directed by Tal Ordell
    • Graeme KOEHNE Giants of Time Documentary Film 1990, Produced by Juniper Films for SBS Television, directed by John Tristram and Ian Wilson
    • Graeme KOEHNE His Master's Ghost (orchestrations) Television Feature 1989, Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation
    • Graeme KOEHNE Old Friends New Friends (Palm Court Suite) Documentary Film 1987, Produced by Penryn Productions for ABC Television 
    • Graeme KOEHNE Rain Forest Film Submission 1983 Featured in the NSW Government Film Submission to the World Heritage Organisation
  • TV & Cinema Commercials
    • Graeme KOEHNE Rediscover Yourself Series of 3 1' TV and Cinema Commercials (full orchestra) 2004 KWP 
    • Graeme KOEHNE Freixenet Series of European TV commercials for Spanish sparkling wine Freixenet (voice & strings) 2001 Redback Spain
  • Orchestrations
    • Graeme KOEHNE If Ever I Would Leave You from Camelot, for the Polydor commercial, recording Anthony Warlow, On The Boards, 1992 Polydor
    • Graeme KOEHNE Soliloquy from Carousel for the Polydor commercial recording Anthony Warlow,Centre Stage 1990 Polydor
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