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Ben McCann

  • Books
    • McCANN Ben. Ripping Open The Set: French Film Design 1930-1939 (Peter Lang: Bern and Oxford, 2013)
    • McCANN Ben. Le Jour se lève (French Film Guide: Ciné-file French Film Guides) (I.B. Tauris: London, 2013)
    • McCANN Ben. The Cinema of Michael Haneke (Wallflower: London, 2011) [co-edited with D. Sorfa]
  • Book Chapters
    • McCann, B. (2013) 'Body Horror', in To See the Saw Movies: Essays in Post-9/11 Horror, eds. James Aston and John Wallis (McFarland: Jefferson, NC, and London), pp. 30-44.
    • McCann, B. (2013) 'Julien Duvivier', in Directory of World Cinema: France, eds. Tim Palmer and Charlie Michael (Intellect: Bristol), pp. 17-20.
    • McCann, B. (2013), 'Horror', in Directory of World Cinema: France, eds. Tim Palmer and Charlie Michael (Intellect: Bristol), pp. 276-283.
    • McCann, B. (2011) "'A many splendoured thing?': Plural visions of the city in Paris je t'aime", in Hexagonal Variations: Diversity, Plurality and Reinvention in Contemporary French Studies, eds. Murray Pratt, Jo McCormack and Alistair Rolls (Rodopi: Amsterdam), pp. 339-354.
    • McCann, B. (2011) ‘Introduction', in Cinema Utopia: The Cinema of Michael Haneke (Wallflower: London), pp. 1-9.
    • McCann, B. (2011) ‘Acting, Performance and the Bressonian Impulse in Haneke's films', in Cinema Utopia: The Cinema of Michael Haneke (Wallflower: London), pp. 24-37.
    • McCann, B. (2008) "'Du verre, rien que du verre': Negotiating utopia in Playtime", Nowhere is Perfect: French and Francophone Utopias/Dystopias, ed. John West-Sooby (University of Delaware Press: Newark), pp. 193-210.
    • McCann, B. (2007) "Bliss in Blueness: Colour Strategies in the Films of Michael Mann", Questions of Colour in Cinema: From Paintbrush to Pixel, ed. Wendy Everett (Peter Lang: Bern), pp. 141-160.
    • McCann, B. (2005) ‘Les Enfants du Paradis', The Cinema of France, ed. Phil Powrie, (London: Wallflower), pp.51-59.
    • McCann, B. (2003) "Enjoying the Scenery": Landscape and the Fetishisation of Nature in ‘Badlands' and 'Days of Heaven', in The Cinema of Terrence Malick, ed. by Hannah Patterson, (London: Wallflower), pp. 75-85.
    • McCann, B (2000) 'Spaces and Places - Architecture as an Instrument in Rewriting the Political: The Exposition Coloniale de Paris', Dialogues 3: Rewriting the Political, ed. by Daniel Hall and Ben McCann (London: Intellect) pp.75-81.
  • Articles
    • McCann, B. (forthcoming), 'OSS 117 - un peu de Sean, beaucoup de conneries: Jean Dujardin, James Bond and the Art of the Spoof', Essays in French Literature and Culture.
    • McCann, B. (2011), "'Je disais tout haut ce que beaucoup pensaient tout bas!': Marcel Carné, Film Critic', French Studies Bulletin, vol. 120, Autumn, pp. 57-62.
    • McCann, B. (2011), 'Marcel Carné', Senses of Cinema, vol. 58. Published online 13 March 2011: Link to external website.
    • McCann, B. (2009), '(Under)Scoring Poetic Realism - Maurice Jaubert and 1930s French Cinema', Studies in French Cinema, vol. 9(1), pp. 37-48.
    • McCann, B. (2009) ‘What Trauner did next': The Continuation of a French Design Aesthetic in an American Context, French Cultural Studies, vol. 20(1), pp. 65-81.
    • McCann, B. (2008) ‘Pierced Borders, Punctured Bodies: the Contemporary French Horror Film, Australian Journal of French Studies, vol. 45(3), pp. 225-237.
    • McCann, B., Brinkworth, R., Nordström, K., and Matthews, C. (2008) 'First Year Expectations and Experiences: Student and Teacher Perspectives', Higher Education. Published online: 6 December 2008: Link to external website.
    • McCann, B. (2008) ‘"If it's not Disney, what is it?": Traditional Animation Techniques in Les Triplettes de Belleville', French Studies Bulletin, vol. 108, Autumn, pp. 59-62.
    • McCann, B. (2004) ‘"A discreet character?" Action spaces and architectural specificity in French poetic realist cinema', Screen, vol. 45/4, Winter, pp. 375-382.
  • Encyclopedia Entries
    • McCann, B. (2013), Directory of World Cinema: France, eds. Tim Palmer and Charlie Michael (Intellect: Bristol). Entries on: Nogent, eldorado du dimanche (pp. 54-6), Le Jour se lève (pp. 164-6), Le Quai des brumes (pp. 166-9), Le Boucher (pp. 227-9), A l'intérieur (pp. 284-5), Frontières (pp. 292-4), and Ils (pp. 296-9)
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