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Professor Catherine Speck

  • Books
    • Speck, C. Painting Ghosts: Australian Women Artists in the Two World Wars, Thames and Hudson/Craftsman House, 2004, 239pp.
    • Speck, C.(ed.) Heysen to Heysen: Selected Letters of Hans Heysen and Nora Heysen, National Library of Australia, Canberra, 2011.
    • Speck, C. Beyond the Battlefield: Women Artists in the Two World Wars, Reaktion, 2014
  • Book Chapters / Entries
    • Speck, C. ‘Re-reading Bernard Smith: A National Art Without Borders’, in Anderson, J. and Marshall, C. The Multiple Legacies of Bernard Smith, Art Gallery of New South Wales press and the Power Institute, University of Sydney, forthcoming 2015.
    • Speck C, ‘The History of Art History at the University of Adelaide’, in Prest, Wilfrid and Etherington, Norman (eds), Pasts Present: History at Australia’s Third University, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2014.
    • Speck, C. ‘Facing Death: The Paintings of Australian War Artist Stella Bowen’, in Kadar, M., and Perreault, M. J. (eds.), Working Memory: Women and Work in World War 11, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo ON, Canada, 2014 (in press).
    • Speck, C. ‘Hiroshima: its legacy as seen by artists’, in Starck, N. (ed), Legacies of War, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2012, pp.61-72.
    • Speck, C. ‘Nora Heysen: Art and War for a German-Australian family’, in Monthieth, P. (ed.), The Germans, Settlers and their Descendants in South Australia, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2011, pp. 412-17.
    • Speck, C. ‘Her early and brilliant years’, in Hilda Rix Nicholas, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo, 2010, pp. 65-73.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘Anzac Day: an alternative tradition’, in Rentschler, R. and Hede, A,M. (ed.) Reflections on Anzac Day: From One Millennium to the Next, Heidelberg Press, Melbourne, 2010, pp. 147-162.
    • Speck, C. 'The Australian War Museum, women artists and the national memory of the First World War’, in Crotty, M.(ed.) When the Soldiers Return, RMIT Informit, 2009, pp. 277-290.
    • Speck, C. ‘Landscape and the memory of war’, in Anderson, Jaynie (ed), Crossing Cultures: Conflict, Migration and Convergence, Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, 2009, pp. 649-653.
    • Speck, C. ‘Adelaide’s Federal Exhibitions: 1898 – 1923’, in Darian-Smith, K.; Gillespie, R.; Jordan, C.; and Willis, E. (eds.) Seize the Day: Exhibitions, Australia and the World, Monash E -Press, 2008, pp. 17.1 -.17.16. (winner of Mander Jones Award 2008).
    • Speck. C. ‘A not so genteel pen: Grace Cossington Smith’s British – Australian cartoons’, in Warner, L. and Kerr, H. (ed) Projections of Britain, Lythrum Press, Adelaide, 2008, pp. 36 - 51.
    • Speck, C. ‘Australia’s Cultural Heritage’, in Gare, D. (ed) Land without Limits, Australian History and Society, Harcourt and Brace, 2007.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘Nora Heysen: A tale of a daughter and her father’ in Magarey, S and Round, K. (eds), Living History: Essays on History as Biography, Australian Humanities Press, 2005, pp. 127-150.
    • Speck, C. ‘Generation #9/26’, in Gerz, J. (ed) Die Anthologie der Kunst (The Anthology of Art), DuMont, Germany & Actes Sud, France, 2004, p. 141.
    • Speck, C. ‘Hilda Rix Nicholas’s ‘A man’ in Artists in Action, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2003, pp.22-3.
    • Speck, C. ‘Thora Ungar’ & ‘Thora Ungar: The Kokoda Trail’, in Kerr, J. (ed.) Heritage: The National Women’s Art Book, Craftsman House, Sydney, 1995, p. 255; p.468.
    • Speck, C. ‘Reinforcements: Troops Marching’, in Sullivan, G. Seeing Australia: Views of Artists and Art Writers, Piper Press, Sydney, 1994, p.92.
    • Speck, C. ‘A Perceptual Training and Drawing Program for Schematic Drawers’ in Burkhardt, G. (ed.) A.C.T. Papers on Education 1987, Canberra CAE, l987, pp.72-83.
  • Monographs
    • Prideaux, D. and Speck, C. Accelerated Christian Education in South Australian: A Curriculum Evaluation of Primary Social Studies, Secondary Science and Junior Primary Language Arts. Non-Government Schools Registration Board of South Australia, SA Education Department, 1989, 143pp.
  • Refereed Articles
    • Speck, C. and Slade, L. ‘Art History and Exhibitions: Same or Different’, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, vol. 14, no, 2, 2014.
    • Speck, C. The ‘frontier’ speaks back: Two Australian artists working in Paris and London’, Portal, 2013, vol. 10. no. 2, pp. 1-16.
    • De Lorenzo, C.; Mendelssohn, J. and Speck, C., ‘1968-2008: Curated exhibitions and Australian art history’, Journal of Art Historiography, no. 4, , June 2011.
    • Speck, C. ‘Epstein in Australia: The Haywards lead the charge’, Sculpture, 2010, vol. 19, no. 2., pp. 228-234.
    • Speck, C. ‘Contesting Modernism. Flowers, Portraits, Gum Trees: My Father and Me’, Hecate, 2009.
    • Speck, C. and Downey, G. ‘Cosmopolitanism and modernism: on writing a new Australian art history’, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, vol. 9, no. 1-2, 2009, pp. 101-118.
    • Speck, C. ‘Nora Heysen: a tale of a daughter and her father’, Australian Feminist Studies, vol. 19, no. 43, 2004, pp. 55-73.
    • Speck, C. ‘Looking critically at looking at art’, Australian Art Education, vol 25, no 1, 2002, pp. 51-53.
    • Speck, C. ‘Edith Cavell: Martyr or patriot?’ Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, vol 2, no 1, 2001, pp.83-98.
    • Speck, C. ‘Women artists and the representation of the First World War’, in War and other catastrophes, Journal of Australian Studies, no 60, 1999, pp.27-39.
    • Speck, C. ‘Power Dressing: Women in the Military’, Australian Journal of Art, vol. 14, no. 2, 1999, pp.149-163.
    • Speck, C. ‘10 Years On’, Australian Art Education, vol. 22, no. 1, 1999, pp.86-7.
    • Speck, C. ‘A depth art curriculum for the primary school’(1989), Australian Art Education, vol. 22, no. 1, 1999, pp.71-85.
    • Speck, C. ‘Australian women in the !940s: Examining citizenship through visual representations’ in J. Damousi and K. Ellinghaus (eds), Citizenship, Women and Social Justice: International Historical Perspectives, Australian Network for Women’s History and Department of History, University of Melbourne, 1999, pp. 382-92.
    • Speck, C. ‘The negotiation of career: Women teachers at the South Australian School of Art 1888-1968’, Australian Women Studies Association National Conference Proceedings, Adelaide, April 1998, pp.141-160.
    • Speck, C. (and Pellarin, J.; Lynch, B.), ‘The post graduate experience: Visual arts research degrees in South Australia’, Australian Art Education, vol. 21. no. 1, 1998, pp.49-55.
    • Speck, C. ‘Women Teachers at the South Australian School of Art’ Australian Art Education, vol. 20, no. 3, 1997, pp.33-46.
    • Speck, C. ‘Women's War Memorials and Citizenship’, Australian Feminist Studies, vol. 11, no. 23, 1996, pp.129-145.
    • Speck, C. ‘Gender Differences in Children’s Drawing’, Australian Art Education, vol. 18, no.2, 1995, pp.41-51.
    • Speck, C. and Prideaux, D. ‘Fundamentalist Education and Creation Science in Australian Schools’, Australian Journal of Education, Vol 37, No 3, 1993, pp.279-295.
    • Speck, C. ‘A Depth Art Curriculum in the Primary School’, Australian Art Education, vol. 13, no.3, l989, pp.6-19.
    • Mortensen, C., Speck, C. and Neander, K. ‘Art, Representation and Values’, Journal of the Institute of Art Education, Vol. 10, No. 1, 1986, pp.63-66.
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    • Speck, C. ‘The First National Index of School Art Programs: Volume 1.’ Journal of the Institute of Art Education, vol. 8, no. 3, 1984, pp.49-92.
    • Mortensen, C. and Speck, C. ‘Aestheticians and Wine Tasters: A response to Mitchell and Woolcock’, Journal of the Institute of Art Education, vol. 8, no. 1, 1984, pp.85-9.
  • Book Reviews
    • Speck, C. Review of ‘L. Bernard Hall: The Man the Art World Forgot’, by Gwen Rankin (NewSouth and State Library of Victoria, 2013), Journal of Australian Studies, forthcoming 2014.
    • Speck, C. Review of ‘Camouflage Australia: Art, Nature, Science and War by Ann Elias (Sydney: Sydney University Press, 2011), Australian Historical Studies, vol. 44, no. 1, 2013, pp. 162-163.
    • Speck, C. Review of ‘Will Dyson: Australia’s Radical Genius by Ross McMullin (Scribe, Melbourne, 2006), Australian Historical Studies, vol. 38, no. 129, 2007.
    • Speck, Catherine, review of ‘Public and Private Amateurs, by Caroline Jordan (Melbourne University Press, 2005), Hecate: Australian Women’s Book Review, vol. 17, no. 2, 2005, http:
    • Speck, C. Review of ‘Edith Collier: Her life and work’, 1885-1964, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, vol 1, no 2, 2000, pp.229-235.
    • Speck, C. Review of ‘The Sydney Art Patronage System 1890-1940’, Australian Journal of Art, vol. 14, no 2, 1999, pp.178-183.
    • Speck, C. Review of Topliss, Helen, ‘Modernism and Feminism: Australian Women Artists 1900 – 1940’, Australian Journal of Art, vol. 13, 1996, pp.74-77.
    • Speck, C. Review of Aland, J. and Darby, M. ‘Art Connections’, Artlink, vol 12, no 3, Sept. 1992, pp.61-2.
    • Speck, C. ‘Fallow Fields?: Review of Janine Burke (1990), Field of Vision’, Artlink, vol 11, no 3, 1991, pp.48-9.
    • Speck C. Review of Gentle, K. ‘Children and Art Teaching’, Journal of the Institute of Art Education, vol. 11, no. 2, 1987, pp.63-65.
    • Mortensen, C. and Speck, C. Review of Margolis, J. ‘Art and Philosophy’, Journal of the Institute of Art Education, vol. 7, no. 2, 1983, pp.112-113.
  • Contemporary Art Criticism
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘Wendy Sharpe: War Artist’, Artlink, vol. 42, no. 2, 2013, pp. 134-137.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘The Samstag Legacy ‘, Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture Broadsheet, vol. 42, no. 2, 2013, pp. 134-137.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘Thinking about Talking our way home’, Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture Broadsheet, vol. 34, no. 4, 2005, pp. 216-219.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘An Inconvenient Obsession: Ian North, Canberra Suite and Canberra Coda 1980-81’, Eyeline, 2005, p.53.
    • Speck, C. ‘Nora Heysen: An Obituary’, Art Monthly Australia, March 2004, pp. 33-34.
    • Speck, C. ‘United notions’, Craft Culture Reviews,, October 2003
    • Speck, C. ‘Light Black’, Craft Culture Reviews,, April 2003
    • Speck, C. ‘Wild Nature’, Craft Culture Reviews,, November 2002
    • Speck, C. ‘In the context of contemporary art, what is your vision of a yet unknown art’, in Jochen Gerz, The Anthology of Art,, January 2002
    • Speck, C. ‘The ritual of tea’, Object, no 40, 2002, p.87.
    • Speck, C. ‘Airport Luggage ‘, Object, February 2002
    • Speck, C. ‘Strangers in the light’, Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture Broadsheet, June 2001
    • Speck, C. ‘A bohemian flower in a war zone’, Art and Australia, vol 38, no 3, 2000, pp.477-8.
    • Speck, C. ‘Sugar nights’ Art Monthly on-line reviews,, December 2000.
    • Speck, C. ‘A far cry from waiting room wallpaper: Ian North’s The Intelligence of Blood’ in Artlink: Australian Contemporary Art Quarterly, special issue on ‘Sculpture and cities, public art under scrutiny’, vol 20, no 4, 2000, pp.51-3.
    • Speck, C. ‘Chemistry’ Art Monthly on-line reviews,, October 2000.
    • Speck, C. ‘An exquisite tension’, Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture Broadsheet, vol 29, no 3, 2000, pp.18-19.
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    • Speck, C. ‘Hello Sailor: Bert Flugelman’, Artlink: Australian Contemporary Art Quarterly, vol. 17 no. 2, 1997, p.67.
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    • Speck, C. ‘A Spiritual Journey’, Contemporary Art Centre Broadsheet, vol. 16, no. 3, September, 1987, p.10.
  • Catalogue Essays
    • Speck, C. ‘Here I am. Here I am’, in Siamak Fallah: az zaban-e modari: lάbaik lábaik (no.1), Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, 200
    • Speck, C. ‘Union Street’ in Greg Geraghty, Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide, 2006.
    • Speck, C. ‘Mum I want to be brown’ in Darren Siwes, Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide, 2006.
    • Speck, C. The world is all that is not the case, University of Melbourne, 2006.
    • Speck, Catherine, ‘The dialectics of lace’ in Lace Kitchen, Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre Inc., 21 July –26 August 2005.
    • Speck, C. ‘Twilight’, Mark Kimber – Twilight, Diane Tanzer Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria, 2002
    • Speck, C. ‘Peeping below the surface’ in The child within: An exhibition of recent work by 13 artists from the Artist-in-Residence program, Wilderness School, Adelaide, 1999, pp.2-6.
    • Speck, C. ‘Cinderella Dressed in Yella’, Adelaide Central Gallery, March 1998, np.
    • Speck, C. ‘Significant Women Artists in the South Australian School of Art’, University of South Australia Art Museum, February 1997, np.
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