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Provocation #2: Scholarship is the New Conservative

This year, join keynote provocateurs Andrew Gibson, Jennifer Rutherford and James Ley to address our Provocation #2: Scholarship is the New Conservative

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Who Shot the Albatross? Gate-keeping in Australian Culture.

Provocations is an exciting new public forum tackling controversies in the arts and humanities hosted by the JMCCCP. In the first event in this series, professor of migrant and post-colonial literature, Sneja Gunew (University of British Columbia), will join Dr Mark Davis (Melbourne University) and award-winning writers Michelle Cahill and Brian Castro to mount a challenge to Australian critical orthodoxies. Provocations #1 will ask: Are cultural institutions receptive to new voices or are in they living in a literary echo-chamber? How do elites govern the cultural field? Are we all inadvertently cultural gate-keepers? Join us for what is sure to be a lively debate. To register, visit eventbrite.

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China Australia Literary Forum 2013

The second China Australia Literary Forum took place in Beijing on 2-3 April 2013, at the National Museum for Modern Chinese Literature of Beijing.

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