Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi
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Past Events Bearing Kaurna Names and Featuring Kaurna Language

From time to time cultural events, workshops or conferences held in the city precincts bear Kaurna names (here written in the spelling of the original sources). These events include:

At Tandanya audio:

Ngunyawaietti audio workshop program for school groups in the parklands opposite Tandanya during Nunga Come Out Youth Arts Festival 24 March till 9 April 1995. Ngunyawaietti audio ‘play; dance; corroboree’.

Tours were run from Tandanya in 1998 bearing the Kaurna names Tarnda audio ‘red kangaroo’, Pingko audio ‘bilby’ and Pilta audio ‘brushtail possum’.

Karromarranendi audio Tandanya’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, 7 Dec. 2000 till 20 January 2001. Karromarranendi audio ‘to rejoice; be glad’.

Yakkananna audio, a collaborative art exhibition between Aboriginal women and Maori women artists held in 2002. Yakkananna audio ‘sisters’.

Adelaide Festival Centre:

Wodliparri audio Indigenous Family Day, Feb. 15 2003.

Adelaide Festival of Arts

Since 1998, the Adelaide Festival of Arts has been opened with the involvement of Kaurna people, on whose land the event takes place. The 2002 Festival was the high point of Kaurna involvement with the Kaurna Palti Meyunna audio Indigenous program in Tarndanyangga audio organised by Waiata Telfer and Karl Winda Telfer.

Adelaide Festival of Arts 1996

The Bulto Tarkariko audio - Ruins of the Future installation, designed by two West Australian architecture students, David Havercroft and Eleanore Suisse, was established on the south bank of Karrawirra Parri audio. It featured signage and a six-minute loop tape in Kaurna language (songs and spoken Kaurna) recorded by Cherie Watkins and Rob Amery, which played more or less continuously throughout the Festival. The signage text appears below:

Bulto Tarkariko

Martuityangga Kaurna meyunna ngadlu wanggandi "Marni na budni pangkarra Kaurnaanna."

Yurringgarninga warranna bukkiunungko, birko Kaurna pintyandi. Warranna bukkiunungko warranendi tarkarirlo. audio

Ruins of the Future

The Kaurna people welcome you to their country. Listen to the voices of the past as they rebuild the Kaurna nation. The words of the past are being transformed into the future.

A partial breakdown of this text appears below:

Bulto Tarkari-Ko

Signs of former existence future-of

Martuityangga Kaurna meyunna ngadlu wanggandi

On behalf of Kaurna people we say

"Marni na budni pangkarra Kaurna-anna."

Good you(pl) came territory Kaurna-to

Yurringgarninga warranna bukki-unungko, birko Kaurna pintyandi.

Listen (you pl) words past-from group Kaurna creating/building

Warranna bukki-unungko warranendi tarkari-rlo.

Words past-from are becoming words future-in

Tindo Karnkendi audio, a family day program as part of the Fringe Festival, Feb.-Mar. 1996. Tindo karnkendi audio ‘fun day’.

Inbarendi audio, a gallery, part of the 1996 Fringe Festival, which exhibited works of Indigenous artists. Inbarendi audio ‘to meet each other’.


Adelaide Festival of Arts 1998

Flamma Flamma, the opening ceremony of the 1998 Festival featured Kaurna speeches by Kaurna Elder Lewis Warritya O’Brien and Kaurna senior woman Georgina Yambo Williams. The text of Georgina’s speech appears below:

Inggarnendi Tours audio was the name given to tours to Tandanya, the South Australian Museum and Artlab held during the 1998 Festival.


Adelaide Festival of Arts 2000

Karra audio ‘river redgum’ project, an exhibition held at the Artspace Gallery, Playhouse Building, Adelaide Festival Centre, 1 March to 20 April 2000. Catalogue includes academic papers and song Karra by Indigenous songwriter Nelson Varcoe (see Thwaites, 2000).


Adelaide Festival of Arts 2002

Festival opened with Kaurna Palti Meyunna audio ‘Kaurna people’s ceremony’ which featured a fire ceremony performed by Karl Telfer and performances by Indigenous peoples from many parts of Australia and overseas. Each performance was introduced in Kaurna by Waiata Telfer.


Adelaide Festival of Arts 2004

The Awakening opening ceremony included Georgina Williams reading her poem Wodlianna Budnandi audio - Coming Home.

The Adelaide Festival of Arts website http://www.adelaidefestival.com.au/program/awakening.asp talks of “The River Torrens environment (Wodliparri)”. Wodliparri audio refers to the Milky Way (derived from wodli ‘house’ + parri’river’). The Karrawirraparri audio ‘Torrens River’ environment was thought to be a reflection of Wodliparri audio (the Milky Way).

Karka Palti audio ‘evening corroboree’ was a free global music program held during the Adelaide Fringe Festival every Tuesday to Sunday evening. From karka ‘dusk’ + palti ‘corroboree’.

Tauata Kurta audio ‘many sides/places’ was the name given to the Adelaide Fringe 2004 Family Day on Sunday 29 February. From tauata ‘many’ + kurta ‘place or side’.

Botanical Gardens

In 1996, Christine Wilkinson commenced the Wirra Mai audio guided tours within the Botanical Gardens. Christine was a student of Kaurna language in 1995. These tours ceased in about 2001. From wirra ‘bush; forest’ + mai ‘vegetable or non-meat foods’.

In February 2002 Tauondi Cultural Agency commenced the tour within the Botanical Gardens. These were suspended in April 2004. From tappa ‘path; track; trail’ + mai ‘vegetable or non-meat foods’.

Tauata ‘many’ was written in error as Tanata in the ATSI Arts Program booklet.