Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi
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Map(s) of Kaurna Country

Kaurna Pangkarra – Kaurna Territory

Map I: Kaurna Native Title Claim, Courtesy of Land Services Group,
Government of South Australia


Map II: Thura-Yura languages (in Amery, 2000: xiv)


Map III: Main locations on the Adelaide Plains
(in Amery, 2000: xv)


Distribution of the Nunga Population in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area.
(F Gale 1972: 100-101)


Sites where Kaurna language was taught up until 1997
Map 8.1 (in Amery 2000: 180)


Prominent Kaurna Names Appearing on Current Maps
(Amery 1998 :348)


Kaurna Names in the Education Sector
(Amery 1998: 353)


Aboriginal Organisations Bearing Kaurna Names
(Amery 1998: 355)


Aboriginal Sports Clubs Bearing Kaurna Names
(Amery 1998: 355)


Kaurna Sites of Cultural Significance in the Metropolitan Area
(Amery 1998: 376)


National Parks in and around the Metropolitan Area
(Amery 1998: 377)