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Adelaide City Council Placenaming Initiatives

The Adelaide City Council was among the first Council's to sign a Reconciliation Statement in 1997. The Kaurna Naming Project stems from Council's Reconciliation Vision Statement (1997):

"Council acknowledges the prior occupation of this land by the Kaurna people, and will seek opportunities to recognise Kaurna heritage through physical features of the City and by supporting community cultural activities.

And reflects Council's Strategic Management Plan 2004 - 2007:

"Work with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through the Adelaide City Council Reconciliation Committee to build effective Indigenous cultures in the community."

In meeting the objectives of Council's Reconciliation Vision Statement, the Project has resulted in the physical recognition of a substantial number of Kaurna heritage sites in and around Adelaide. The Project has also resulted in all 29 Parks around the City being assigned a Kaurna name and the dual naming of the River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri and Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga. The installation of signage was completed on the 30 June 2004. Text detailing the importance of specific areas of Adelaide's Park Lands was developed for each Kaurna sign in full consultation with Kaurna community culture and heritage groups. This reflects the intention of council's Strategic Management Plan.

For more information about the Kaurna signs and their locations, please click the numbers on the map. To hear the pronunciation, click on the name in the list below.

KAURNA PARK NAME & TRANSLATION [in brackets: Revised Spelling, 2010]
1 audio Piltawodli [Pirltawardli]
'possum place'
18 audio Wita Wirra [Wita Wirra]
'peppermint grove/place'
2 audio Padipadinyilla [Pariparinyilla]
'swimming place'
19 audio Pityarilla [Pityarrilla]
'marshmallow root place'
3 audio Kandarilla [Kantardilla]
'kandara root place'
20 audio Kurrangga [Kurangga]
'blue gum place'
View public sign (external link)
4 audio Kangattilla [Kangatilla]
'kangatta berry place'
21 audio Walyo Yerta [Walyu Yarta]
walyo 'root ground'
5 audio Ngampa Yerta [Ngampa Yarta]
ngampa 'root ground'
21 audio Minno Wirra [Mirnu Wirra]
'golden wattle grove'
6 audio Nanto Womma [Nantu Wama]
'horse plain'
22 audio Wikaparndo Wirra [Wikaparntu Wirra]
'netball park'
7 audio Kuntingga [Kuntingga]
kunti 'root place'
23 audio Wirranendi [Wirrarninthi]
'to become wirra'
8 audio Barnguttilla [Parngutilla]
barngutta 'root place'
24 audio Tambawodli [Tampawardli]
'plain place'
9 audio Tidlangga [Tidlangga]
tidla 'root place'
25 audio Narnungga [Narnungga]
'native pine place'
10 audio Warnpangga [Warnpangga]
'bullrush root place'
26 audio Tarndanya Womma [Tarntanya Wama]
'Adelaide plain/oval'
11 audio Tainmundilla [Tainmuntilla]
'mistletoe place'
27 audio Bonython Park / Tulya Wodli [Tulya Wardli]
'Police barracks'
12 audio Karrawirra [Karrawirra]
'river red gum forest'
28 audio Palmer Gardens / Pangki Pangki
[Pangki Pangki] 'Kaurna tracker and guide'
13 audio Rundle Park / Kadlitpinna
[Kadlitpina] 'Captain Jack'
29 audio Brougham Gardens / Tandotittingga
[Tantutitingga]  'Native lilac place'
14 audio Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka
[Murlawirrapurka] 'King John'
audio Tarndanyangga [Tarntanyangga]
'Red Kangaroo Dreaming'
15 audio Ityamaiitpinna
[Ityamai-itpina] 'King Rodney'
audio Karrawirra Parri [Karrawirra Parri]
'Redgum Forest River'
16 audio Victoria Park / Bakkabakkandi
'to trot: a term applied to horses'
Main Lake
Botanic Garden
audio Kainka Wirra [Kainka Wirra]
'Redgum Forest'
17 audio Tuttangga [Tuthangga]
'grass place'


Background - Kaurna Naming Project

The Adelaide City Council was one of the first Councils to sign a Reconciliation Vision Statement in 1997.

As part of its Reconciliation Vision Statement :

Council acknowledges the prior occupation of this land by the Kaurna people and will seek opportunities to recognise Kaurna heritage through physical features of the City and by supporting community cultural activities. (Guiding Principle 5)

In 1997, Council resolved in principle that a list of Adelaide City sites and features for potential naming with Kaurna names be drawn up in consultation with appropriate authorities and community organisations. This work was undertaken and an initial list identifying Kaurna names for City Park Lands and City Squares was presented to Council.

In March 2000, Council endorsed the Kaurna naming of the first four Adelaide City Park Lands and made a formal request to the Geographical Names Advisory Committee to dual name the River Torrens and the Main Lake Botanic Garden with their Kaurna names.

In May 2001, Council endorsed the Kaurna naming of a further nineteen (19) Park Lands, taking the total number of Kaurna named Park Lands to 23. In March 2003, Council endorsed the Kaurna naming of all remaining Park Lands and the dual Kaurna naming of City Squares. Council has now endorsed the Kaurna naming or dual Kaurna naming of all Park Lands and Squares.

Council works closely with linguists, Kaurna communities and Council's Reconciliation Committee in the development of text for each of the Park Lands and City Squares that has been assigned a Kaurna name.

Kaurna signage for all 29 Adelaide City Park Lands has now been installed. Kaurna signage for Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga and the River Torrens / Karrawirra Parri has also been installed.


Further information

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Content courtesy of:
Adelaide City Council
Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi
Signatories: Dr Alice Wallara Rigney, Lewis O'Brien and Rob Amery