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Kaurna Placename Meanings within the City of Adelaide.

In late 1996, Dot Davy, a Kaurna woman working for the Adelaide City Council, approached Rob Amery to develop a Kaurna naming strategy for Council. This was prepared in collaboration with KACHA Inc. Five of these names, Piltawodli, Karrawirra, Tambawodli, Wirranendi and Karrawirra Parri, initially gained in-principle approval in 1997. The first four of these were officially endorsed by Council in March 2000 and signage installed in November 2001. Karrawirra Parri, being a geographical feature, had to await approval from the state government. This was forthcoming in November 2001. An additional 19 names were approved in May 2001. Tarndanyangga-Victoria Square was dual named in May 2002. The remaining city squares and named parks were dual named in March 2003. All these place names appear in the original spellings in the signage.

Kaurna Naming Project

Full List of Adelaide City Park Lands and City Squares Assigned Kaurna Names

Park Number Kaurna Name Naming Protocol - January 2004
Park 1 Pirltawardli 'possum place' Piltawodli
Park 2 Patipatinyila 'swimming place' Padipadinyilla
Park 3 Kantarila 'kandara root place' Kandarilla
Park 4 Kangatila 'kangata berry place' Kangattilla
Park 5 Ngampa Yarta 'ngampa root ground' Ngampa Yerta
Park 6 Nanthu Wama 'horse plain' Nanto Womma
Park 7 Kuntingka 'kunti root place' Kuntingga
Park 8 Parngutila 'parnguta root place' Barnguttilla
Park 9 Tidlangka 'tidla root place' Tidlangga
Park 10 Warnpangka 'bullrush root place' Warnpangga
Park 11 Tainmuntila 'mistletoe place' Tainmundilla
Park 12 Karrawirra 'river red gum forest' Karrawirra
Park 13 Kadlitpina 'Captain Jack' Kadlitpinna Park
Park 14 Mulhawirrapurka 'King John' Mullawirraburka Park
Park 15 Ityamaiitpina 'King Rodney' Ityamaiitpinna Park

Park 16
Pakapakanthi 'to trot: a term applied to horses' Bakkabakkandi Park
Park 17 Tuthangka 'grass place' Tuttangga
Park 18 Wita Wirra ‘peppermint grove/place’ Wita Wirra
Park 19 Pityarrila 'marshmallow root place' Pityarrilla
Park 20 Kurrangka 'blue gum place' Kurrangga
Park 21 West Mirnu Wirra 'golden wattle grove' Minno Wirra
Park 21 Walyu Yarta 'walyu root ground' Walyo Yerta
Park 22 Wikaparntu Wirra 'netball park' Wikaparndo Wirra
Park 23 Wirrarninthi 'to become wirra' Wirranendi
Park 24 Tampawardli 'plain place' Tambawodli
Park 25 Narnungka 'native pine place' Narnungga
Park 26 Tarndanya Wama ‘Adelaide plain/oval’ Tarndanya Womma
Park 27 Tulya Wardli ‘Police Barracks’ Tulya Wodli
Park 28 Pangki Pangki 'Kaurna tracker and guide' Pangki Pangki
Park 29 Tantutitingka ‘native lilac place’ Tandotittingga

Dual Kaurna Named City Squares

City Square Kaurna Name Naming Protocol
Victoria Square Tarntanyangga 'red-kangaroo rock place' (Red Kangaroo Dreaming)  Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga
Hindmarsh Square Mukarta 'head' (King John's wife) Hindmarsh Square/Mogata
Hurtle Square Tangkairda 'fungus' (King Rodney's wife) Hurtle Square/Tangkaira
Light Square Wauwi 'female grey kangaroo'
(Captain Jack's wife)
Light Square/Wauwe
Wellington Square Kudnartu 'third born child - female form' (First Aboriginal woman to marry a European) Wellington Square/Kudnarto
Whitmore Square Ivarityi 'misty rain'
(King Rodney's daughter)
Whitmore Square/Ivaritji

Other City Features with Kaurna Names

Feature Kaurna Name Naming Protocol
Torrens River Karrawirra Pari Torrens River/Karrawirra Parri
Main Lake Botanic Garden Kainka Wirra Main Lake/Kainka Wirra

Original Names not yet officially recognised.

Two additional Kaurna names are known for localities within the jurisdiction of the Adelaide City Council, but do not yet have official recognition.

Tinninyawodli (lit. rib house) was the name that the Kaurna gave to the Ironstores.  Tininya ‘rib’ was extended to mean ‘iron’ probably because iron was imported in lengths that were likened to ribs. Even though Tinninyawodli is some distance from Piltawodli, it is located within the Piltawodli Park.

Ngamatyi (originally spelt Ngamaji in the Advertiser article in 1927) was given by Ivarityi as the name of the site where the GPO is now located. The meaning of Ngamatyi is unknown, but as the name bears some resemblance to ngami ‘breast’ and ngamaitya ‘woman’ it is thought by some to refer to a women’s site. The GPO was approached by Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi in mid-2003 for recognition of the name.