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Southern Kaurna Placenames


Kaurna Aboriginal people are the Traditional Owners of the Adelaide plains in South Australia. Prior to European settlement they named places using their own language. Some places, e.g. Willunga, are still known by their Kaurna name, but most are not.

The Kaurna Place Names Project began by creating its own separate website, in a collaboration between four southern Adelaide councils, the SA Geographical Names Unit (GNU) and Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP). This ongoing project aims to identify and map places with Kaurna names and to encourage the use and increase knowledge of these names. It begins with names in the southern Kaurna Country.


On behalf of Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi and in the interests of the whole Aboriginal community of this region, Chester Schultz is engaging in detailed research into the meaning and local context of Kaurna place names at particular locations. His study results are being published here successively as pdf files. Many of these have been confirmed at previous KWP committee meetings. Others are marked ‘Draft’.

These essays are addressed in the first place to the Aboriginal community via their own serious researchers and those collaborating with them in the retrieval of Aboriginal history and culture. Our hope is that they will absorb the information here, add to it, correct it, and spread it around for the nourishment and strengthening of their community.

If you are a Kaurna person, or a researcher, and are interested in further detailed information not disclosed in these public documents, please contact us for access to the password-protected files.

The documents on this page are presented in an order which approximates north to south in the southern councils around Metropolitan Adelaide.

Each document is organised in five parts. The general reader may concentrate on Parts 1-2 or 1-3:

1. ABSTRACT: a short summary of the main conclusions about the name and the place.

2. LANGUAGE INFORMATION: a summary of the linguistic reasoning about the name.

3. MAIN SOURCE EVIDENCE: dated and listed chronologically to give a historical perspective.

The rest is the main body of the essay:

4. DISCUSSION: a detailed examination of the historical evidence and reasoning which lead to the conclusions outlined in the Abstract.* This part often includes stories and other information which will be new to most readers and interesting or historically important in their own right.

* Some of the Discussions are unavoidably long and technical because they involve primary research in language, history, geography, and culture. They often include new material and new reasoning, and sometimes have to question old data and interpretations.

5. FOOTNOTES: There are usually many of them, to make it clear where each item of information comes from and so enable further research. Some long footnotes explain technical details or reasoning. You do not need to read the footnotes in order to understand the main text.


The pdf documents are all ‘SEARCHABLE’, i.e. you can find items which interest you by doing word-searches. You can also skim the Discussion to find HEADINGS which interest you.

The author regrets being unable to produce a second set of easy-to-read popular versions.  He continues to write new place-name essays as well as a related book-length history of first contact in the area, Feet On the Fleurieu, Language On the Land.

At the bottom of this page, you will find some BACKGROUND DATA FILES (password-protected for researchers and Kaurna people only), each one relevant to several of the placename summaries.


Research Documents

All files (pdf) should open in a separate window.

Each of the essays is given in two versions.
One is Public and may be freely downloaded.
The other is Password-protected and contains an extra Data File of data and sources related to that placename. It is available for researchers and Kaurna people only – please contact KWP.


Place Name

Suburb Public Password
1-02 Kawantilla Adelaide, Glenelg and all inner suburbs 848 kb 2,166 kb
1-03 Patpangga Fleurieu Peninsula 363 kb 747 kb
2-01 Marriyarta Norton Summit 950 kb 3,583 kb
2-04 Pirltawardlingga North Adelaide 218 kb 297 kb
2-21 Witawartingga Seacliff Park 564 kb 1,248 kb
2-22 Wituwartingga Brighton and Somerton Park 871 kb 1,764 kb
3-01 Tukuruwardlingga Glengowrie 277 kb 481 kb
3-05 'Punduwalluwatingg' Seaview Downs 401 kb 1,244 kb
3-06 Parntalilla Seacliff Park 347 kb 878 kb
3-10 Krildhung-Murrkangga Hallett Cove 388 kb 779 kb
4-01-01-03 Kauwimarnilla Old Reynella and Trott Park and Happy Valley 237 kb 442 kb
4-01-01-06 Nganpangga Chandlers Hill, Happy Valley, Aberfoyle Park 1,355 kb 2,295 kb
4-01-02-01 ?Tarrnangga Morphett Vale and Christie Downs and O’Sullivan Beach 301 kb 723 kb
4-01-02-02 Marntudla Christie Downs 219 kb 452 kb
4-01-02-03 Mantharilla Morphett Vale 230 kb 630 kb
4-01-02-04 Parnangga Morphett Vale 604 kb 1,552 kb
4-01-02-05 Coorara Morphett Vale 265 kb 1,228 kb
4-01-02-06 Yetto Morphett Vale 281 kb 1,139 kb
4-01-02-07 Korro Huntfield Heights 282 kb 1,148 kb
4-02-04 Ngangkiparingga Old Noarlunga 588 kb 1,191 kb
4-02-05 'Ponkepurringa' Port Noarlunga 492 kb 1,136 kb
4-02-06 nurlungka Old Noarlunga 475 kb 912 kb
4-03-01-01 'Coweolonga' McLaren Vale 397 kb 709 kb
4-03-01-02 Tarangga McLaren Vale 670 kb 1,144 kb
4-03-01-03 Taringga McLaren Vale 496 kb 1,317 kb
4-03-01-04 Turrangga McLaren Vale 341 kb 861 kb
4-03-01-05 Tuni McLaren Vale 287 kb 1,081 kb
4-03-01-06 Pikkara McLaren Vale 285 kb 1,085 kb
4-03-02-01 Purtawarti / Purtatilla Moana 2,304 kb 3,950 kb
4-03-02-02 Tirranangko Port Willunga 402 kb 1,305 kb
4-02-02-03 Ruwuru Port Willunga 408 kb 694 kb
4-03-02-04 Tatatyilla Aldinga 445 kb 1,278 kb
4-03-02-05 Mulgali Moana 236 kb 331 kb
4-03-02-06 Lukar Hallett Cove and Moana and Port Willunga 237 kb 316 kb
4-03-03-01 Tarniyantingga Pedler Creek McLaren Vale 807 kb 1,266 kb
4-03-03-03 Kanyanyapilla Tatachilla 662 kb 1,369 kb
4-03-03-04 Waltila Tatachilla and McLaren Vale 472 kb 909 kb
4-03-03-08 Ngulurilla and Pathayakingga McLaren Vale 379 kb 1902 kb
4-04-01-01 Ngaltingga Aldinga, Whites Valley, Aldinga Beach, Port Willunga, Sellicks Beach, Sellicks Hill 610 kb 1,322 kb
4-04-01-03 Wakunthilla Aldinga Beach 388 kb 923 kb
4-04-01-04 'Witawali' Sellicks Beach 286 kb 1,261 kb
4-04-01-05 Pimpala Old Reynella 207 kb 940 kb
4-04-01-06 Kauwi Ngaltingga Aldinga Beach 274 kb 360 kb
4-04-02-01 Pirltangga Willunga 380 kb 1,031 kb
4-04-02-02 Wilangga Willunga 497 kb 1,450 kb
4-04-03-03 Kurtandilla Sellicks Hill 322 kb 543 kb
5-01-02 Kauwayarlungga Myponga Beach 2,512 kb 3,268 kb
5-01-05 Maitpangga Myponga 617 kb 1,830 kb
5-01-06 'Warabari' Sellicks Hill 1,163 kb 1,822 kb
5-02-01-01 Pangkarla Normanville, Yankalilla 9,356 kb 11,034 kb
5-02-01-02 Yarnkalyilla Normanville 706 kb 1,298 kb
5-02-02-01 Wirrina Wirrina Cove 361 kb 855 kb
5-02-02-02 'Anacotilla' Wirrina Cove, Second Valley & Hay Flat 3,205 kb 4,050 kb
5-02-02-03 Kangkarrartingga Wirrina Cove, Second Valley 4,158 kb 5,305 kb
5-02-02-04 Yarnauwingga Wirrina Cove 3,195 kb 10,466 kb
5-03-02 Ingkalilla Hay Flat 263 kb 453 kb
5-03-03 Wanwalilla Torrens Vale 342 kb 521 kb
5-03-04 ?Wataraparingga Hay Flat 519 kb 1,013 kb
5-03-05 Lepuldawi Parawa 651 kb 1,555 kb
5-03-08 Tutukauwingga Inman Valley and Bald Hills 367 kb 2,042 kb
5-03-10 'Tootongha' Inman Valley 307 kb 1,438 kb
5-04-01-01 Kauwiyarlungga Second Valley 486 kb 734 kb
5-04-01-02 'Parananacooka' Second Valley 642 kb 2,188 kb
5-04-01-03 Yaityakauwingga Second Valley 283 kb 1,142 kb
5-04-01-07 Yartakurlangga Rapid Bay 517 kb 1,072 kb
5-04-01-08 Witawartingga Rapid Head Rapid Bay and Cape Jervis and Delamere 408 kb 747 kb
5-04-01-11 'Ouiwachilly' Rapid Bay 212 kb 693 kb
5-04-01-12 Ityikauwingga Delamere 249 kb 546 kb
5-04-01-13 Yalawalangga Delamere 243 kb 960 kb
5-04-01-14 Itjikawingga Second Valley 357 kb 885 kb
5-04-02-04 Nangarang Cape Jervis 303 kb 570 kb
6-23 Brukangga Brukunga 655 kb 4,575 kb
7-01-01 Witawalang Cape Jervis and Parawa 336 kb 647 kb
7-01-06 'Konggaratingga' (Blowhole) Deep Creek  1,058 kb 1,847 kb
7-01-07 Tjirbuki Deep Creek 407 kb 1,611 kb
7-02-04 Murtaparingga Hindmarsh Valley 5,240 kb 6,602 kb
8-14 Muna Gould Creek, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury Park, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury 462 kb 878 kb
8-17 Murlayaki Port Gawler, Buckland Park, Two Wells, Lewiston, Virginia, Penfield Gardens 737 kb 1,433 kb
8-18 Kadlitiya Gawler, Gawler East, Gawler South 525 kb 1,351 kb
8-20 'Para' Salisbury, Gawler, Barossa Valley, Williamstown 502 kb 1,099 kb
8-25 'Taperoo' Taperoo 499 kb 1,240 kb
8-39 Mitiwarti Gawler, Gawler West, Reid 3,809 kb 4,133 kb
9-04 Karrawadlungga Lyndoch, Altona, Williamstown 512 kb 832 kb


Background Data Files

These files contain more extensive background data relevant to some of the placename summaries above.  They are are password protected and accessible only for researchers by arrangement with KWP, and for Kaurna community members.  Please contact KWP.

    (477 kb)
    Witawatang (Rapid Head), Wituwatangk (Brighton), Wituwatung (Brighton).
    (1,767 kb)
    (1,470 kb)
    Warabari, Witawali, Witawalang, Wataraberinggi / Watirangenggul, Lepidawi / Lepuldawi, Mt Hayfield, Mt Robinson, Blowhole Creek, etc.
    (4,420 kb)
    Muna, Kadlitia, Kadlitipari, Murlayaki, Murlayaki-pari, Karrawadlangga, 'Weera Districts', 'Northern' tribe, Wirra tribe, Murlayaki tribe.
    (pages 1-38:786 kb) ; (pages 39-49:16,656 kb) ; (pages 50-58:17,418 kb) ; (pages 59-95:11,315 kb)
    'Coweolonga', Tarangga, 'Daringa', 'Tarangk', Taringga, Turangga, 'Onlarilla', Ngulurilla, 'Rottiakinga', Kanyanyapilla, 'Waldeila'.
    (pages 1-48: 12,279 kb) ; (pages 49-54:11,176 kb)