Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi
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Kaurna Language Resources for Sale


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New publicationKulurdu Marni Ngathaitya! Sounds Good to Me!
A Kaurna Learner’s Guide

Rob Amery and Jane Simpson, with illustrations by Anne Best
Paperback, with illustrations. ISBN 9781743052341.
Wakefield Press, Adelaide, South Australia. October 2013.

Available from
- Wakefield Press, Adelaide (more information: pdf, 816Kb)
- KWP c/- Rob Amery, University of Adelaide
- Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

Retail price $39.95


January 2014: Lisa Hill, Melbourne

December 2013: Nicholas Ostler, Bath/UK

Tirkanthi -- Learning the Kaurna Language CD

New publicationTIRKANTHI -- Learning Kaurna Language
CD, spoken by Jack Kanya Buckskin

A series of audio lessens in some basic words and phrases of the Kaurna Language (total length 55:19 mins).

  1. Kaurna Sound System (5:40 mins)
  2. Greetings (3:52 mins)
  3. Common Expressions (4:39 mins)
  4. Directions (7:45 mins)
  5. Seasons of the Year (5:40 mins)
  6. By the River (3:01 mins)
  7. Around the Trees (3:50 mins)
  8. Around the House (21:42 mins)

Jack Kanya Buckskin is committed to educating the community and sharing Kaurna Language.  After 19 months of language study, he was proficient to teach it to hundreds of Indigenous and non-indigenous students of all ages.  He is working with the linguist Dr Rob Amery of the University of Adelaide, to introduce more Kaurna people to their language.  Jack also shares his culture and stories through his dance group, Kuma Kaaru (One Blood).

Retail price $15.00

Available from
- KWP c/- Rob Amery, University of Adelaide

New publication

Kaurna Alphabet Book (Second Edition)

This second edition of the popular Kaurna Alphabet Book, which has been out of print for some time, now includes the changed spelling of the Kaurna Language adopted by KWP in 2010. The optional CD contains sound files of the words and phrases introduced in this little booklet.

Retail price $20.00, plus $5.00 for CD with sound files

Available from
- KWP c/- Rob Amery, University of Adelaide