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"Kaurna Warra Ngayirda Wingkurila (On the Airwaves)"
Kaurna Language Radio Shows

Welcome to Kaurna "On the Airwaves"!

Indigenous peoples in many parts of the world have produced their own radio and television programs, and set up their own media organisations and radio and television stations to inform and to entertain in the first language of communities of listeners. Perhaps less well-known is the fact that many programs have been produced and many radio and television stations have been established for the prime purpose of maintaining, promoting and reviving languages.

Until recently, the Kaurna language has featured on television only in a minimal way to date with a song performed by Kaurna Elder Ngarrpadla Alitya Rigney, or Jack Kanya Buckskin appearing in a Reconciliation Week promo on Channel 10 in May 2009.

Since the revival of the Kaurna in 1989-1990 and from a position of total obscurity some 30 years ago, the Kaurna language has  now gained a significant public profile.  However, there are few opportunities to hear the Kaurna language spoken. And there are probably more opportunities for the most proficient Kaurna users to write Kaurna than to speak it thanks to e-mail and SMS messaging.  And despite all the the resources produced over the past twenty years, there is still little by way of everyday conversations or casual speech to listen to and there is little opportunity to hear Kaurna language spoken casually.

In 2010, therefore, we embarked on a project to record two-hour-long Kaurna Warra Ngayirda Wingkurila radio shows in order to begin to address the need for more conversational audio resources. Timing seemed to be right, with several young Kaurna men and others willing to be involved.

Nunga Wangga Radio AdelaideRadio Adelaide (The University of Adelaide) and the Aboriginal program Nunga Wangga offered to broadcast the shows.

This section of the KWP Website brings together the various elements for learning of and listening to the Kaurna Language.

A full summary of this story and its background, written by Dr Rob Amery in 2011, can be found here:   "Taking to the airwaves  - A strategy for language revival" (ANU Digital Collection, pdf 340Kb)