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Videos on Web

The media team of KWP (film makers Steven Gadlabarti Goldsmith and Paul Finlay) have produced a series of short videos and video clips that utilise the Kaurna Language for teaching and learning purposes.  Please have a look at our dedicated Kaurna Language Learning Series Youtube page.


The Kaurna Language Learning Series includes the following series (July 2015):

Pirltawardli Puppet Show videosThe Pirltawardli Puppet Show
(with Pirlta the Possum, Kurraka the Magpie and Kuula the Koala)

Kaurna for KidsKaurna for Kids
(with Taylor Pitu Power-Smith):


    The Kaurna Language Learning Lessons
    (with Jack Kanya Buckskin)

    Kaurna Placenames Videos:



    Other Kaurna Language videos:


    This page also offers links to websites (Youtube and others) with videos, which include the teaching and speaking of the Kaurna language by young and older people today.

    8:44 mins

    Jack Buckskin and the Kuma Kaaru Dance Group gives the Kaurna Welcome at Australia Day in the City Adelaide 2014.

    • Living Kaurna Cultural Centre Warriparinga

      4:16 mins & 3:10 minsLiving Kaurna Cultural Centre

      Over eons of time, the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains have gathered at Warriparinga. The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre was built here to ensure that Kaurna culture, and the Dreaming Story of the Land, is passed on from generation to generation.

    • Jack Bucksin talks in his family's language, Kaurna

      0:42 minsLiving Kaurna Cultural Centre

      Vincent (Jack) Buckskin began learning his family's language, Kaurna, in 2006. He now teaches the language to others. In this viedo clip he is introducing himself in the language of his ancestors.

    • Move It Mob Style Episode 2:
      Jack Buckskin teaches Kaurna Language

      2:40 minsLiving Kaurna Cultural Centre

      Move it Mob Style is a 20 episode x 30 minute dance-based fitness program for television broadcast and online.  Showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip hop and popular music, Move it Mob Style is all about good beats: using dance to stay healthy, taught by Jack Buckskin in Kaurna Country.

    • Purrutendi - Kurruru Youth Performing Arts,
      Paitya Dance Group and the Port Festival 2009 

      8:20 minsLiving Kaurna Cultural Centre

      Created by leading and local Aboriginal artists, elders, and young people, Purrutendi was a once-only event for all ages and a very special opening to the 2009 Port Festival.  Commencing at dusk at Lrtelare, on the banks of the Port River, Purrutendi paid respect to the Kaurna custodians of Yerta Bulti (Port Adelaide), welcomed audiences to Kaurna country, and celebrated the living culture of the Port.