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Welcome to Kaurna Country

It is now commonplace for events to begin with a welcome to Kaurna land speech by a Kaurna Elder, often Kauwanu audio (Uncle) Lewis O'Brien or sometimes by a younger person. Whilst these speeches take a variety of forms, a minimalist Kaurna speech is reproduced here in order to familiarise people with a few of the common elements within these speeches (revised spelling).

Minimalist Kaurna Welcome audio (Professor Lester Irabinna Rigney)

Miyurna! Naa marni purrutyi?
Ngai nari Lester Irabinna Kudnuitya Rigney.
Ngai wangkanthi “Marni naa pudni Kaurna yarta-ana. Iranti yarta!”
Ngaityu yakanantalya, yungantalya.


Ladies and gentlemen, are you all good? (ie hello)
My name is Lester Irabinna Rigney.
I say “It’s good that you (all) came to Kaurna country. Exclusively Indigenous (ie sovereign) land” (ie welcome)
My dear sister(s) (and) brother(s). (ie thank you)

Several non-Indigenous organisations are now wanting to respond with some words of recognition of Kaurna country and Kaurna people in the language of the land. Accordingly statements of acknowledgement have now been developed in Kaurna.

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