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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are programs determined for inclusion in the portfolio?

    Program Concept Proposals are submitted to the Joint Alliance Board (comprised of University and Pearson colleagues) for generation of thorough market analysis and consideration. For programs that indicate strong market demand, program content and assessment will be further explored collaboratively with academic staff. This information forms the New Program Proposals submitted to APEAC and Academic Board for approval, similar to other programs at the University.

  • What is the model for online delivery?

    Programs will be delivered in a carousel model which allows students to enter at multiple times during the year and complete courses in the order best suited to their circumstances. There are six online terms per year, each spanning six weeks, and students will engage with one course per term.

  • How are the programs in the portfolio connected?

    Across the portfolio, 25% of courses will be used by one or more programs offered by the University. This will provide students with opportunities to engage with, and receive credit for, courses aligned with their program of study.

  • How are courses developed?

    Each course has a Course Coordinator collaborating with a team of learning designers, data analysts, and multimedia resource developers to create rich and engaging online learning experiences. The team approach leverages the subject matter expertise of academic staff in partnership with the design and delivery expertise of learning professionals.

  • What is the funding model for online programs?

    These programs are an iterative expansion of the University curriculum, with associated funding for academic workload in Program Coordinator and Course Coordinator roles.

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