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  • Self Help Guide
    Self Help Guide 
    Student Report  Student demographic data in a course - programs they are enrolled in, study load for the semester, courses that they are enroled in, gender and residence status, displayed as a dashboard of charts, that can be drilled down to a list of students in that group. -
    LMS Analytics

    LMS Analytics page.

    - Number of views and participation

    - Who has/ has not viewed and who has/has not participated

    View Course Analytics View activity, submissions and grades. Guide, Video
    View Student Analytics View activity, submissions, grades, and access report Guide, Video (Pending)
    View Student Access Report - Guide, Video
    View Student's Grades - Guide, Video
    View Student's Context Card Brief overview of student , submissions, grades and activities Guide, Video
    Quiz Summary and Breakdown - Guide, Video
    Reports  - List
  • Echo 360
    Echo 360
    View Course Analytics in Echo360 Echo360_Viewing_Course_Analytics
    View Course Analytics for an individual student in Echo360 Viewing Student Analytic Data
    How do I know which of my resources has the most viewed?
    • Go to your course -> Click on 'LMS Analytics' at the navigation page 
    • On the table header, click on the arrow buttons. 
    How do I know who has/has not accessed a particular resource that I have put up in MyUni
    • Go to your course -> Click on 'LMS Analytics' at the navigation page. Tips: You can type the title of the resource in the "Search' field to save time.
    • Click on the resource (pdf/image/mp4, etc).
    How do I know that my quiz questions are too difficult? Go to "Quizzes" on the Canvas page ->Click on the quiz -> Click on the "Quiz Statistics" on the top right-hand corner of the page.
    Is there a time factor to downloading quiz statistics? Quiz statistics are available only when a course is active. You can download and view statistics only prior to the course conclusion.
    Why is there a " greyed " icon on the "Marks" graph on the analytics page? When I checked, some students have submitted the assignments and some have not. This will occur when Instructor made results invisible to students, pending finalisation of all submissions.
    What will Analytics tell me about my course? Analytics include four main areas - student activity, submissions, grades and student analytics. It shows how students are interacting with your course.
    Why can't I find 'View Course Analytics' on the course I have been operating? It might be due to the level of permissions that you have for the course, but it's hard to tell without having access to the actual course. Please contact your e-Learning Advisor.
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  • Learning Analytics Tips

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