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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn't being digitally capable just knowing how to use technology?

    Using technology proficiently is certainly part of being digital capable. However, on top of being able to use technology (ICT proficiency) a digitally capable person will also be capable in the other five areas of the digital literacies framework. These areas are:

    • Information, data and media literacies
    • Digital creation, innovation and scholarship
    • Communication, collaboration and participation
    • Digital learning and self-development
    • Digital identity and well-being
  • What are some examples of these capabilities?

    There are numerous examples of digital capabilities, here are just a couple from each of the six areas:

    ICT proficiency

    • learning to use software
    • personalising IT to suit your needs
    • transferring skills and knowledge of current technologies to new technologies

    Digital creation, innovation and scholarship

    • ensuring security of your research data
    • creating podcasts or wikis
    • being able to code (e.g. developing an app)

    Communication, collaboration and participation

    • respecting others when communicating online
    • participating in digital teams
    • developing digital networks
    • behaving ethically in a digital environment

    Digital learning and self-development

    • using digital learning resources (e.g. Canvas)
    • using EndNote or other reference management software
    • making sure you can keep motivated to learn while in a digital environment

    Information, data and media literacies

    • evaluating online material
    • understanding digital copyright
    • knowing where to find information online
    • interpret data, run reports and complete data analysis

    Digital identity and wellbeing

    • developing a positive digital identity
    • staying safe online
    • managing digital stress
    • keeping a balance between real world and digital interactions
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