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For Students: Digital Capabilities at the core of your courses

Digital Capabilities @ Adelaide will guide the development of students' digital capabilities through University courses. The student profile can be used by program leaders and course coordinators  to map digital capabilities against course outcomes and graduate attributes. This will take time but we are committed to ensuring that students will have the digital skills and capabilities that are needed in the workforce.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact us.

  • Reference Group and Student Involvement

    A Reference Group was run in March 2017 and was made up of a mix of staff and students from all areas of the University. The Reference Group helped guide the direction of the Framework in the early development stages.

    The involvement of students and alumni is critical in understanding how we can develop strategies to support the development of students’ digital skills

  • Comments & Feedback

    We will continue to offer opportunities for you to learn about digital capabilities and have your say.

    We are interested in finding out:

    • what you know about digital capabilities
    • what digital skills you already have
    • what digital skills you think you need
    • what digital skills you think your teachers need
    • how you will be affected by the Framework
  • Focus groups

    In October we ran focus groups, of up to 10 participants, to discuss student knowledge of digital capabilities.

    More information here.

    Pizza for comment

    In September we held an open session for all students in The Hub. You shared your thoughts and we shared pizza! For more information read our blog or check out the photos.


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