• Staff support

    • Phone: (08) 8313 3000 (Option 3 (MyUni), Option 1 (Staff).
      Support is provided by the Adelaide-based MyUni Support team on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Calls are directed to the International Canvas Support team outside of business hours.
    • Support Portal: Log a request via the MyIT Portal
  • MyUni Virtual Staff Support Sessions

    We provide the below range of MyUni virtual support sessions:


    1 - Quick Fix Support Session

    Need help troubleshooting in MyUni? Too busy to call, want to book a dedicated time?

    Our quick fix MyUni Support sessions are aimed at providing dedicated technical troubleshooting support for Academic and Professional staff using MyUni.

    With a focus on fixing those annoying technical issues that arise when setting up and using MyUni, this service will be dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and solutions you need.

    A MyUni Support Consultant will provide a 20-minute zoom support session at a time convenient to you and walk you through solving your technical issues in MyUni. Choose from a range of troubleshooting topics such as:

    • Grading
    • Echo360
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Turnitin
    • Module or page setup
    • Course settings

    Click here to book a Quick Fix Support Session


    2 - MyUni+ Support Session

    Are you a brand-new staff member? Or looking to explore new features in MyUni?

    Our MyUni+ Support Sessions are aimed at providing individual specialised support to Academic and Professional Staff across the University.

    With a focus on providing support to staff that are new to MyUni or expert advice on more complicated topics for existing staff, this service will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

    An experienced MyUni Support Consultant will provide a 60-minute zoom session, at a time convenient to you, with the option to cover a selection of broad topics or deep dive into a specific focus area. You can opt for a general overview of MyUni including access, basic course set up and assignments or choose from a range of focus areas such as:

    • Setting up a MyUni course (overview)
    • Meeting MyUni Minimum Requirements
    • Setting up assignments from start to finish
    • Setting up Gradebook and marking (including developing rubrics)
    • Setting up group work within MyUni
    • Understanding enrolment processes in MyUni
    • Understanding and using Echo360 for lecture recordings

    Click here to book a MyUni+ Support Session

    3 - Online Proctored Exam Setup and Review

    Need help setting up your online proctored exam in MyUni? Have a completed online proctored exam setup that you would like us to review?

    Our online proctored exam support sessions are aimed at providing Academics with personalised support for helping you understand, setup and deliver successful online proctored exams.

    With a focus on ensuring you have the right advice, support and the technical knowledge to set up your online proctored exam, answer technical questions or provide the reassurance that your exam is ready for students, this service will help you get exam ready.

    An experienced MyUni Support Consultant will provide a 30-minute zoom session, at a time convenient to you, to walk you through the steps required to setup your online proctored exam(s) or complete a review of your online proctored exam(s) setup. Our Support Consultants can also talk through any specific technical questions you may have regarding online proctored exams. Choose from a range of support options, such as:

    • Setting up an exam quiz in MyUni
    • Setting up a quiz with a handwritten file upload exam in MyUni
    • Review of your online proctored exams
    • Understanding the allowed formats for online proctored exams
    • Permitted resources for online proctored exams
    • Reviewing your online proctored exam in ProctorU
    • Technical questions around online proctored exams
    • Alternative Exams Arrangements (adding additional time in MyUni)
    • Understanding ProctorU data integration  

    Click here to book an Online Proctored Exam Setup and Review

  • Student support

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