Learning Analytics


The Learning Analytics team measure, collect, analyse and report on data about students.

The practice of developing actionable insights through the collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occursLearning Analytics

Our aim is to develop insights to enable conversation, establishment of best practice and inform decision making by administrative and academic staff as well as students.

We do this by:

  • Data and visualisations relating to programs, courses, assessments and student learning activity
  • Building data preparation workflows for analysis automation of reports
  • Information and support on how to use data to improve teaching and learning in courses and programs
  • Ad-hoc analysis and reporting by integrating teaching and learning data from many systems and processes including PeopleSoft, Cognos BI, MyUni, etc.
  • Explore learning theory, tool and applications and provide advice on best practice
  • Teaching staff - enhancing learners' engagement

    Learning Analytics can be used to enhance learners’ engagement and performance in courses through the collection, analysis and reporting of online data. Used effectively, learning analytics can help improve student experience and enhance current learning and teaching practices.

    The benefits of using Learning Analytics include -

    • Greater understanding of student engagement and activity patterns.
    • The limitation of speculation and subject interpretations through the use of data-driven data.
    • Identification of resource usage patterns i.e. resources students are finding valuable.
    • Access patterns clarification (e.g. timing) for individual students, which can be useful in assessment submission.
    • Identification of trends and anomalies in assessments that can be used to improve future assessments.
    • Timely identification of students at risk.

    To find out more about how learning analytics can provide further benefit to your learning and teaching, please send your enquiry to the project team via email.

  • Insight tools and data

    Learning Analytics tools are available within our online Learning Management System, Canvas and the Echo 360 Active Learning Platform. Activity and performance continue to be tracked by the system while you are logged in.

    Any information collected from UoA learning technologies is used only to support and improve learning and teaching.

    To find out how you can start using data from learning systems to analyse your course or student performance, go to the Analytics Section of the MyUni Learning Centre. Please refer to the list of insight tools and reports below that are available to teaching staff.

    The Learning Analytics team are currently piloting a Student Insights dashboard across ten courses in Semester 2, 2019. The interface focuses on providing students with insights focused on top learning resources viewed and top active participation areas within the online learning environment. The page will also provide information related to the individuals participation in these two insight areas.

    LMS Analytics Guides & Reports

    LMS Analytics enables staff to:

    • See the number of Views and Participations in each of the course elements
    • Identify who has/not viewed or participated/not participated in any of the 'Titles' (Topics) in a 'Course Element'
    • List of tools and resources, downloadable reports and video tutorials


    OnTask is a tool that assists instructors to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback throughout their participation in a course.

    Demographic Course Report

    Student demographic data in a course displayed as a dashboard of charts.

    Canvas Analytics

    There are a range of course and student analytics reports available in Canvas.

    Downloadable Reports 

    The Learning Analytics team periodically provide analytical reports for download. They can also provide reports upon request.


  • Learners - improving student experience

    Student Information on the use of Learning Analytics

    The University of Adelaide (UoA) uses data and evidence-based information to improve learning and teaching for a better learning experience for students, to achieve efficiency in administration in student support and services, the management of the relationship between the University and our students and managing online systems. The use of data also contributes to research and scholarship in learning and teaching.

    Data from learning and teaching systems include information from the UoA’s Learning Management System (CANVAS and ECHO 360), UoA's websites and other tools and technologies, logs and/or metadata relating to individual user access and activity within University systems and outputs generated via activity in the learning and teaching systems (e.g., marks, grades, feedback and/or other performance measures).

    To ensure that students' privacy is protected, the collection, use and retention of data and information will be conducted in accordance with the:

    As a student at the University of Adelaide, you are expected to:

    • Provide accurate and complete information to the University.
    • Respect the privacy and personal rights of other students and staff.
    • Use the University's systems and technologies ethically and responsibly.
    • Be familiar and current with University policies.

    For any questions on the use of student data, please email the project team.

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