Engagement Report

The engagement report is an in-depth report that provides insights based on student online engagement data recorded by MyUni.

Availability: upon request to all courses
Best used: During course review or pre-semester

Produced as a PDF, this report provides extensive insights into student engagement and behaviour with the course within MyUni.

What's in it?

  • student engagement (%) by week, by day of week, daily
  • student engagement by request types (assignments, discussion,files, quizzes)
  • earliest engagement dates & total engaged days
  • the above metrics broken down by demographics (residency, gender, commencing vs continuing)
  • engagement activities by grade
  • engagement activities by plan
  • relationship between student online activities and student performance
  • engagement with discussion boards
  • engagement with course modules, pages, files, and assessments
  • reading list engagement
  • course engagement compared to Faculty and School

How can it be used?

The report can be used to:

  • assess any drops in student engagement over the semester
  • assess if there were low levels of engagement with any specific student cohorts
  • explore possible correlations between activity level in MyUni and final outcome
  • identify peak periods of student engagement online
  • identify the days where students are most engaged
  • identify the most and least engaged discussion topics, modules, pages, files and assessments
  • identify the course readings that students were most engaged with
  • compare the level of course engagement to the school and faculty benchmark

For more information on how the report can be used, or to provide feedback on how you have used the report, please contact the Learning Analytics team.

How do I access?

Start by emailing the Learning Analytics team with the course/s that you want a report for. You will be sent a PDF copy of the report/s.