Learning & Teaching Insights Dashboard

The Learning & Teaching Insights Dashboard provides insights on student outcomes and activities within a course or a number of courses.

Availability: Upon request for all courses
Best used: During review of course/semester

Produced using Microsoft PowerBI, the dashboard is fully filterable, allowing greater insights into specific cohorts of students within the course. The dashboard can incorporate multiple courses with a specific program, or taught by a specific course coordinator. This allows teaching staff to review numerous relevant courses within the one dashboard.

What's in it?

The dashboard contains insights on the following:

  • Student outcomes by course & program (total and %)
  • grade distribution (total & %)
  • dropped enrolments (total & %)
  • assignment pass rates
  • student activity vs final mark
  • weekly engagement data
  • request counts (by results)
  • filters to enable viewing by residency, program, course outcome

How can it be used?

The dashboard can be used to:

  • identify whether specific cohorts of students had varying final results
  • identify whether a specific cohort had a higher fail rate than average
  • identify whether there was a large number of dropped enrolments within the course
  • highlight any issues with specific assessments (where pass rates were considerably lower)
  • assess any drops in student engagement over the semester (and drops within specific cohorts)
  • explore possible correlations between activity level in MyUni and final outcome
  • make design recommendations to new course coordinators
  • identify peak periods of student engagement online

For more information on how the dashboard can be used, or to provide feedback on how you have used the dashboard, please contact the Learning Analytics team.

How do I access?

Start by emailing the Learning Analytic team with the courses that you want included in the dashboard. You will be sent a Microsoft PowerBI document. If you have not previously used Microsoft PowerBI you can download it here or if using a Mac, access it through the ADAPT homepage. Instructions for accessing the report via ADAPT can be found here.