Engagement Dashboard

The engagement dashboard provides an overview of student online engagement data recorded by MyUni.

Availability: Available to all course coordinators (see guide below for access)
Best used: During semester

Produced in Tableau, this dashboard provides insights into student online engagement within a course. The data for the dashboard is updated every Monday, so course coordinators can monitor engagement levels throughout the semester.

What's in it?

  • student daily engagement (%)
  • student engagement by average request count
  • last login date lag (average)
  • engaged days per week (average)
  • engagement index of individual students (overall, request count, engaged days, last login)
  • engagement by demographics (gender, residency, commencing/continuing)
  • comparison to previous deliveries of course

How can it be used?

The dashboard can be used to:

  • assess any drops in student engagement over the semester
  • assess if there are low levels of engagement with specific student cohorts
  • compare student engagement to previous deliveries of course
  • identify individual students with low engagement
  • identify peak periods of student engagement online
  • identify the days where students are most engaged

For more information on how the dashboard can be used, or to provide feedback on how you have used the report, please contact the Learning Analytics team.

How do I access?

Follow the instructions in the guide below. You can then email learn_analytics@adelaide.edu.au to get the access code for your course/s.


Engagement Dashboard Instructions