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Past Projects

The Learning Technologies Roadmap 2014-2019 (and its 2016 Update) informs the technical projects that are undertaken by the team.

The Program Enhancement Partnership is a structured way to collaboratively (with teaching staff, Library and students) enhance key core courses within a program, this was piloted at the end of 2017 and has been rolled out in full for 2018.

Benchmarking consistent with the Strategic Plan's commitment "to regular benchmarking and optimisation of its administrative organisation and systems", this project identified benchmarks and methods to measure performance in regard to eLearning.

MyUni Transform implemented a new University Learning Management System (Canvas and Echo360) while implementing technical and pedagogical support for blended a design principles.

Review of MyUni the ICT Strategic Plan called for a review of the Learning Management System to increase stability and consider the strategic alignment of the University's LMS with its goals and direction.

Change Management was a key element of the Enhancing MyUni (EMU) Project across 2013 and 2014.

Online Assessment Guidelines The objective of this project was to create guidelines for the use of online assessment in the Learning Management System (MyUni).

Policies and Guidelines Project At the Learning Technologies Operations Group meeting of 4 April 2013, it was resolved that Policy and/or operational guidelines gaps in Learning Technology management exist and need to be addressed at the University of Adelaide.

Staff Development for Digital Learning Project The Beacon of Enlightenment (p11) outlines that "during the Plan period the University will ... ensure that all new and existing teaching staff undertake development to better engage with digital learning."

Learning Innovations Framework this project was to support the development and adoption of innovative practices using learning technologies.

Learning Innovations Studio was a space for staff to learn about new learning technologies and experiment with how they might apply them in teaching and learning settings.

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