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Student Partnerships

… it should be the norm, not the exception, that students are engaged as co-partners and co-designers in all university and department learning and teaching initiatives, strategies and practices. (Healey, 2012)
Fig 1: Four stages of student engagement (after HEA and NUS 2011) Source: Healey et al. (2014, 16)

Figure 1: Four stages of student engagement (after HEA and NUS 2011)
Source: Healey et al. (2014, 16)
  • Overview

    The purpose of Student Partnership is to create space for students and staff (academic or professional) to work together on teaching and learning in a proactive manner; to change the traditional view that students are merely consumers in the tertiary sector, and staff the providers.

    Students bring their experience and expertise from the role of a student and in conjunction with disciplinary and pedagogical expertise from staff, deliver value to the learning and teaching process. The Learning Enhancement and Innovation team’s objective through this project is to strengthen the relation between students and staff to enable shared responsibility and joint ownership for shaping learning and teaching.

  • Benefits of Student Partnership
    • Increase student’s employability skills including negotiation, partnership, and awareness of pedagogical principles
    • Increased student self-ownership of the learning experience through active collaborative partnership
    • Enhancement of student experiences through co-creation of learning design and an engaging learning environment
    • Heightened understanding of another’s perspective, e.g. students understanding staff experiences and vice versa
    • Increased sense of belonging to University and/or discipline
    • Re-conceptualization of teaching as a collaborative process to foster learning
  • Adelaide Graduate Award

    The Adelaide Graduate Award is designed to develop your employability skills and prepare for life after University. The key components of the program involve undertaking work experience and volunteering. Partnering in the workshop for the Learning Enhancement and Innovation team will contribute volunteer hours to the Adelaide Graduate Award.

    If you have any questions about this, please fill out our online form.

  • How to Get Involved

    If you are interested in engaging in this project or finding out more information please fill out our online form.

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