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Video production support

The LEI video production team offers bespoke video production services for learning videos to be used in MyUni course delivery. Each video job request is submitted using the web form below which is directed to your faculty assigned learning designer from the LEI team.

Below are some examples of the types of video production available. To submit a job request, please complete the job request form below.

If you require visual asset or learning interactive creation, please contact an Learning Resource Developer (LRD) here: Resource Development.

Video service examples

On-campus location interview Video interview filmed on one of the University campus locations by a video technician. Click for more.

Location instructional video Process or instructional video filmed on location. Voice over filmed separately and edited together by a video technician. Click for more.

BSL Lightboard video A video technician will assist in cutting out any mistakes as well as brightening up and colouring your lightboard video filmed in the BSL studio. Click for more.

MyUni introduction video An introduction video for your MyUni course, filmed and edited in the BSL studio by a video technician. Click for more.

All submissions will be assessed by the learning design team and a member of the LEI team will be in contact.

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