AEA Learning and Teaching Advancement Grant

Applications for Learning and Teaching Advancement Grants (LTAG) in 2022 have now closed.

One of the roles of the AEA is to develop and nurture ‘Education Specialists’ whose roles and contributions are different from those of ‘teaching-focused’ academic positions.

‘The changing nature of work places a premium on lifelong education and creates a need for tertiary education that reaches more members of society, preparing graduates for more meaningful careers and citizenship. The great universities of the 21st century will be defined by how they can help their communities leverage such transformational change for the benefit of all.’ [Future Making, 2022-23]

The Division of Academic and Student Engagement (DASE) recognise the importance of LTAGs as they specifically contribute to the following:

  • Developing and showcasing University teaching innovations.
  • Disseminating and sharing innovative teaching approaches across disciplines, including by encouraging AEA members to work with junior non-AEA members.
  • Enriching the development of AEA members.

These grants also contribute a culture of engaging, collaborating and sharing teaching innovations within AEA, and encourage moving beyond existing teaching approaches and towards adopting newer technologies and teaching pedagogies.


LTAG categories

Members may apply for funding in 3 categories. 

Members may submit multiple applications, regardless of category, but preference will be given to applications such that the interests of all members are maximised (in other words, individuals are unlikely to be awarded two or more grants).


  • Category 1: Small projects up to $5,000

    Small Grants of up to $5,000 to enable members to make important contributions to higher education.

    These are designed to:

    • advance innovative learning and teaching activities
    • seed collaborative or cross-disciplinary activity to promote excellence in learning and teaching

    An individual/team can apply for one small grant.

    A team must be led by an AEA member, but it may consist of AEA and non-AEA members. We will preference applications that include members who have not received LTAG funding before and members who are early career academics.

    Applications where a senior member acts in a mentoring capacity with a junior member(s) will be looked upon favourably.

  • Category 2: Professional development up to $2,000

    Grant to cover professional development costs including enrolment fees for award and non-award programs and short courses, accredited micro-credentials and MOOCs, professional library and publication costs, membership costs of professional associations and fellowship application costs etc.

    Memberships for 2023/24 period are permitted in this round of funding however, the fee must be paid prior to December 31, 2022.

  • Category 3: Travel grants up to $2,000

    Travel grants to fund travel and other costs associated with presenting at conferences in Australia or internationally on education practice and teaching innovation. Disciplinary conferences with focus on higher education teaching is allowed under this category. Grant can be used for travel expenses, conference registration, accommodation and food.

    Travel Grants will support educators to disseminate educational research and teaching innovation at national and international forums. This will enhance the reputation of the University of Adelaide and enable members to become education leaders.

    Members can apply to attend a conference which will take place in 2023 or 2024 however, they must intend on submitting an abstract for presentation and the expenses must be paid prior to December 31, 2022.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis by a panel of senior academic and professional staff from the AEA and the Student Learning Portfolio. The selection panel will evaluate applications on the bases of the degree to which the activity:

• will benefit and support learning and teaching at the University;

• reflects sustainability and dissemination of outcomes;

• is innovative; and

• is consistent with the strategic plan of the University.

In particular the panel will take into account the following:


To what extent the project/ activity

  • advances innovation in teaching, learning and/ or assessment
  • corresponds to the University’s strategic plan


The potential impact of the project/ activity on:

  • the applicant’s teaching;
  • students’ learning experiences;
  • learning and teaching within school/faculty/University; and


  • Capacity of the applicant or team to implement the project.
  • Potential for inter-disciplinary membership (academic or professional) to bring required skills and foster knowledge-sharing.
  • Potential for collaboration between senior and early career education specialists to build  teaching innovation capability. 
  • The proposed funding is able to be spent by the end of 2022.

Dissemination of knowledge:

The project’s aim to share innovation through (not limited to):

  • Learning & teaching newsletter
  • Community of practices (CoP)
  • Contribution to an ADEPT module
  • Presentation at learning and teaching events
  • Presentation at education conference
  • Publication in education journals


Important information for applicants

  • Submission

    Applications have now closed


  • Endorsement

    All applications will require written endorsement from your Line Manager.

    Please ensure you have advised them of your intention to apply, and received their support, prior to submitting the application form

    Once we receive your application we will send a copy to your Line Manager and seek their endorsement.  They will have five (5) business days to supply this. 

    If endorsement is not received your application will not be submitted to the Selection Committee for consideration.

    You will be copied into this request however, and will be advised if endorsement has not been received, prior to the selection committee meeting.

  • Selection

    The selection panel will consist of members of the AEA Executive Committee and senior staff from the Student Learning Portfolio.

    The panel will meet in early August to deliberate with the outcome communicated to you as soon as possible following this meeting.

  • Payment of grants

    You will be advised in writing, of the outcome of your submission by Friday 12 August.  At this time you will be provided with information to enable you to access your funding.

    You will have until December 31, 2022 to spend your grant money.  Any money not spent by this date will be forfeit. Should any overspend occur your Head of School will be advised and you will be required to reimburse DASE before the end of the year.

    If you have any concerns about payment deadlines please contact us.

  • Reporting

    Staff who are awarded grants will be required to submit a one page narrative report regarding how they have disseminated the knowledge/ results of their activity/ project to the wider university community. 

    Successful applicants will be provided with a template for this report when they are advised of the outcome of their application.


Frequently asked questions