Special functions

Special Functions

Understand trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions and how they can be applied in the real world.

Length: 4 weeks
Effort: 3 to 6 hours per week
Level: Introductory

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This course is part two of the MathTrackX XSeries Program which has been designed to provide you with a solid foundation in mathematical fundamentals and how they can be applied in the real world.

Guided by experts from the School of Mathematics and the Maths Learning Centre at the University of Adelaide, this course will continue the study of functions initiated in the course `Polynomials, Functions and Graphs’ by moving into trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions.

Trigonometric functions are extremely important in applications of mathematics to study situations involving periodic phenomena such as tidal flow. Exponential and logarithmic functions have many uses in applications of mathematics to biology, business and economics, physics and other areas.

Join us as we provide opportunities to develop your skills and confidence in applying mathematical functions.

What you'll learn

  • ​​​​​​​Properties and graphing of trigonometric functions including sine, cosine and tangent
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Application of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions.