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Learning and Teaching Award Winners 2009

National Awards

The Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) administers the Awards for Australian University Teaching on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government.

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Note: Links to the applications of all Citation winners have been provided on this page as examples of writing in this genre. They are available to University of Adelaide staff only and require a valid UoA login. The TAGC would like to thank the Citation winners for this contribution to the award application process.

Dr Georges Baume, Business School
For sustained commitment to excellence in the delivery of MBA courses to transnational postgraduate students, resulting in students' growth as confident critical thinkers and decision makers.

Professor Martin Lambert, School of Civil Environmental and Mining Engineering
For the sustained maintenance of a caring community of practice among water engineering students that enhances student learning through interactivity and facilitated discussion.

Professor Anthony Pohl, School of Medicine
For sustained contribution to the education of medical students, enabling, with enthusiasm and humour, enhanced learning and deeper insight into musculo-skeletal function.

Dr Matthew Sorell, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
For motivating students to participate in vibrant, interactive communities of practice that facilitate and support deep learning in the field of electronic engineering.

Ms Anne Hewitt, Mr Andrew Ligertwood, Ms Margaret Castles, Ms Cornelia Koch, Mr Matthew Stubbs, Law School
For the development of a suite of law courses designed to enhance students' critical thinking skills while immersing them in the realities of legal practice.

Field Geology Teaching Team, School of Geology and Geophysics (Associate Professor Martin Hand, Dr Karin Barovich, Associate Professor Alan Collins, Professor John Foden, Dr Galen Halverson, Associate Professor Graham Heinson, Dr Steven Hill and Dr Andreas Schmidt-Mumm)
For the creation of a community of practice that anchors field-based learning, and develops an enduring sense of belonging and camaraderie between staff and students.

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University of Adelaide Awards

Stephen Cole the Elder Awards for Excellence in Teaching

Team Award

  • Not awarded in 2009.

Teaching Awards

  • Professor Geoff Heithersay, School of Dentistry
    Professor Geoff Heithersay AO was not only awarded a Stephen Cole the Elder Award, but also the President and Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in recognition of his contribution to the field of endodontics, and to learning and teaching in Dentistry. He has taught in the Dental School for 47 years, the past 20 years in an honorary capacity. The undergraduate endodontics curriculum he developed in 1979, although updated over time, is still the curriculum endorsed by the Australian Society of Endodontology.
    Caring, enthusiastic, imaginative and inspiring, Professor Heithersay is noted for the exceptional rapport he shares with students. In 2008, he was elected to honorary life membership of The Adelaide University Dental Students Society for ... distinguished achievement as a clinician and researcher, and his consistent and continual service as an educator and supporter of the dental student body. Students describe him as:

    ... wonderful - highly intelligent, passionate and very encouraging. I feel very lucky to have been taught by him.
  • Dr Georges Baume, Business School
    Dr Georges Baume was awarded the Stephen Cole the Elder Award for his inspiring teaching for 20 years in the MBA program. He is a committed, enthusiastic, insightful educator who is able instil confidence and arouse a passion for learning in students from regions as diverse as Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Adelaide. For 15 years he has not only taught in Adelaide, but travelled overseas eight to twelve times a year for teaching intensives, managing in the space of two days, or maybe a week, to inspire postgraduate students to new ways of learning and thinking that will help them for the rest of their lives. One of his students, already a successful businesswoman in Asia, sums up what his students feel about Georges, saying:

    With Dr. Baume's influence, we have changed the way we approach our lives and careers, which has created great positive, significant impacts that we could not have imagined before we took this MBA programme and knew this professor.
  • Dr Paul Sendziuk, School of History and Politics
    Dr Paul Sendziuk was awarded a Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Early Career Teaching in recognition of his contributions to learning and teaching in History at the University of Adelaide since his appointment in 2005. He is extremely well-regarded by students and colleagues, and his enthusiasm for history has been very important in promoting an appreciation for, and understanding of, the importance of the discipline in the wider community. Students thrive in his classroom, enjoying the collegial and cordial atmosphere, and the opportunity to think about, discuss and learn history. As one of his students wrote in support of this application:

    Dr Sendziuk is very knowledgeable, funny and able to bring out the best in me. He motivates me and has made the subject highly enjoyable. He also seeks to give every student an opportunity to talk. He makes me feel like my opinion is worthwhile.

Highly Commended

  • Associate Professor David Walker, Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering
  • Ms Kayoko Enomoto, Social Sciences (Languages)

Vice-Chancellor and President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • Professor Geoff Heithersay, School of Dentistry
    In recognition of his contribution to the field of endodontics, and to learning and teaching in Dentistry, not just in 2009, but over a period of 47 years during which his expertise, commitment and the quality of his teaching have been consistently exemplary.

Award for Excellence in the Support of the Student Experience

  • Not awarded in 2009.

Award for Excellence in Higher Degree by Research Supervision

  • Associate Professor Kimi Coaldrake, Elder Conservatorium of Music

Excellence in Education Award (new in 2009)

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (Team award)

  • Dr Wen Soong, Dr Braden Phillips, Dr Matthew Sorell, Mr Peter Ramsey with Mr Darryl Bosch and Assoc Professor Michael Liebelt, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Awarded for the development and delivery of coherent, integrated first-year courses, which have been used as an introduction for Electrical and Electronic Engineering students and as a service course in related areas, since 2008. The curriculum emphasises the real-world context, developing system-level projects and exposing students to the broader context of the engineering profession.

Faculty of Health Sciences (Team award)

  • Mrs Catherine Snelling and Ms Sophie Karanicolas, School of Dentistry
    Awarded for the utilisation of on-line tools to create a contemporary learning environment in the first and second year of the Bachelor of Oral Health, creating flexibility in a program where students are rostered for clinical sessions and benefit from an 'anywhere, anytime' approach.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Dr Jennie Louise, School of Humanities
    Awarded for the restructuring of the curriculum for Logic I and Logic II, core components of the traditional philosophy curriculum, to improve accessibility of the material and its integration across year levels.

Faculty of the Professions

  • Mr Josh McCarthy, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
    In the first year Design elective course Imaging Our World, virtual and physical learning environments have been blended to enhance the experience of first year students by immersing them into university culture through social and academic interaction between peers.

Faculty of Sciences

  • Dr Gerald Laurence, School of Chemistry & Physics
    The Chemistry Bridging Course is a pre-university course for first-year students taking Foundations of Chemistry I or Biology I courses. The course utilises flexible approaches to learning, improves the overall satisfaction of students and reduces attrition.
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Faculty Awards

Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences

Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr Brian Ng, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Dr Yung Ngothai, School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty Award for Excellence for Higher Degree by Research Supervision

  • Professor Holger Maier, School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Faculty of Health Sciences

Executive Dean's Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

  • Professor Geoffrey Heithersay, School of Dentistry
  • Associate Professor Peter Devitt and Mr Edward Palmer, School of Medicine
  • Dr Abdallah Salem, School of Medical Sciences
  • Ms Sophie Karanicolas and Ms Cathy Snelling, School of Dentistry
  • Dr Jackie Street, School of Population Health and Clinical Practice

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Executive Dean's Prize for Excellence in Teaching

  • Ms Kayoki Enomoto, Asian Studies, School of Social Sciences

Faculty Prizes for Excellence in Teaching

  • Dr Heather Kerr (Principal Supervisor), English, School of Humanities
  • Dr Ros Prosser (Individual Teacher), Media, School of Humanities
  • Dr Eoghan Moloney (Early Career Teacher), Classics, School of Humanities


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