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Learning and Teaching Grant Winners 2007

National Grants

The Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) administers the learning and teaching grant scheme for Australian universities, on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government. The Grants Scheme comprises three ongoing programs: Competitive Grants; Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching; and Priority Projects.

Note: The applications of ALTC grant winners have been provided on this page as examples of writing in this genre. They are available to University of Adelaide staff only and require a valid UoA login. The TAGC would like to thank the grant winners for this contribution to the grant application process.

ALTC Competitive Grants

John Willison, Centre for Learning and Professional Development
Making research skill development explicit in coursework: Four universities’ adaptation of a model to numerous disciplines

The project has at its base the Research Skill Development (RSD) Framework, a conceptual tool designed to sysematise the diagnosis of entry-level students’ research skills and the planning of learning activities to develop those skills. It is also designed to promote teachers' understanding of how students develop research skills and to guide interpretation of both potential and realised student research skill development. The proposed project utilises the RSD framework to explicitly, coherently and efficiently develop student research skill in the context of regular coursework in numerous disciplines.

Maree O'Keefe, Faculty of Health Sciences
Using TMS to identify and build leadership for quality learning in clinical health care teams

The purpose of the project is to explore the utility of Team Management Systems (TMS) to identify and build leadership capacity within health service clinical teams in order to enhance the experiential learning outcomes that are the desired consequence of student placement in these community services. O'Keefe M, Stupans I, Saunders L, McAllister S, Burgess J, LeCouteur A, Miller J. Lead Institution University of Adelaide.

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University of Adelaide Grants

Learning and Teaching Implementation Grants

Mike Keller (Agriculture, Food and Wine), Margaret Cargill, Michelle Picard (Adelaide Graduate Centre), Kerry O'Regan (CLPD)
Improving discipline-specific research English skills via a computer-based tool: developing comprehensive materials for the Sciences Faculty. ($17,456)

Michelle Coulson (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences)
A map of communication skills and best practice embedded within the B.Sci programs. ($16,285)

Gusti Ngurah Darmawan, Linda Westphalen, Brian Sherman, Mimi Recker (School of Education)
Advancing collaborative learning pedagogy with team learning systems. ($25,000)

Edward Palmer (CLPD), Joy McEntee (Humanities), Katrina Falkner, Brad Alexander (Computer Science), Said Alsarawi (Engineering), Michelle Coulson, James Botton, Lynne Rogers (Molecular and Biomedical Sciences)
Evaluating effectiveness, defining standards and sharing effective methods of assessment across disciplines. ($32,071)

Steve Begg, Mofazzal Hossain (Australian School of Petroleum), Said Al-Sarawi, Brian Ng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Eleanor Peirce, Mario Ricci (Medical Sciences), Frank Donnelly (Population Health & Clinical Practice), John Willison, Kerry O'Regan (CLPD)
Forging their cutting edge: the adaptation, across two faculties, of an approach to explicitly and coherently develop student research skills. ($26,000)

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Faculty Grants

No Faculty Grants currently listed for 2007.


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