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Learning and Teaching Grant Winners 2009

National Grants

The Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) administers the learning and teaching grant scheme for Australian universities, on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government. The Grants Scheme comprises three ongoing programs: Competitive Grants; Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching; and Priority Projects.

ALTC National Teaching Fellow

Geoffrey Crisp, Director, Centre for Learning and Professional Development
Rethinking assessment in the participatory digital world - assessment 2.0

ALTC Competitive Grants

Russell Brinkworth, ARC Research Fellow, School of Molecular and Biomedical Science
A collaborative multi-faceted approach to address the gaps between student expectation and experience at university. ($219,000)

Nick Harvey, Executive Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Employability of Bachelor of Arts graduates. ($217,000)

Diane Mather, Professorial Research Fellow, School of Plant and Food Science
Plant breeding by example: Contextual examples linking theory with practice in plant breeding education. ($214,000)

Edward Palmer, Centre for Learning and Professional Development and Peter Devitt, Surgery
The Medici project: Developing a multi-disciplinary, sustainable resource for blended learning initiatives in tertiary medical education. ($219,000)

ALTC Priority Project

David Lemmings, Head of School, History and Politics
Getting a MUVE On: Developing Web 2.0 curricula in the humanities. ($204,000)

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University of Adelaide Grants

Learning and Teaching Implementation Grants

Sivakumar Alagumalai, Alan Larkin, Nina Maadad, Michael Colbung, Lisl Fenwick, Sasikala Nallaya, Francisco Ben, Simon Skrodal (School of Education)
Extending learning through effective feedback. ($12,000.00)

Michelle Coulson (School of Molecular and Biomedical Science)
Embedding mobile phone "voting" into science lectures. ($10,000.00)

Lindsay Dent, Campbell Strong, James Botten, Renato Morona (School of Molecular and Biomedical Science)
Enhancement of flexible learning through development of 3D graphics tools for undergraduate teaching. ($15,000.00)

Anne Hewitt, Margaret Castles (Law School)
Developing Law students skills in group work, advocacy and ADR. ($17,000.00)

Clem Macintyre (School of History and Politics)
Improving the feedback mechanism for HUMSS students - self assessment. ($12,000.00)

Maree O'Keefe (Faculty of Health Sciences)
A focus on feedback: staff development and student support in the Faculty of Health Sciences. ($20,000.00)

Allan O'Connor (ECIC)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Interactive Online Learning Tools. ($20,000.00)

Cheryl Pope (School of Computer Science), Allan Carrington, Judi Baron (CLPD)
Extending online resources and tools to support remote participation in on campus courses. ($7,000.00)

Abdallah Salem, Scott Smid, Ian Musgrave (School of Medical Sciences), Allan Carrington (CLPD)
Development and evaluation of on-line assessment materials for a second year compulsory course within the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. ($12,000.00)

Catherine Snelling, Sophie Karanicolas (School of Dentistry), Susan Hazel (School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences), Eleanor Peirce, Mario Ricci (School of Medical Sciences)
A multidisciplinary approach to flexible learning and improving student feedback through implementation of Peer Assisted Study Scheme (PASS) at the University of Adelaide. ($16,000.00)

Peter Veitch, Andrew McKinnon, Judith Pollard (School of Chemistry and Physics)
Effective practical work in Introductory Physics courses. ($20,000.00)

Kerry Wilkinson, Michelle Picard, Michelle Wirthensohn (School of Agriculture, Food and Wine)
Development, implementation and evaluation of an online T&L toolbox for improved HDR pedagogy. ($8,000.00)

Tracey Winning (School of Dentistry), Edward Palmer (CLPD)
Assessment for learning - improving quality of assessment and feedback for student learning using online formats and automated test and item analysis tools. ($20,000.00)

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Faculty Grants

No Faculty Grants currently listed for 2009.


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