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Learning and Teaching Grant Winners 2010

National Grants

The Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) administers the learning and teaching grant scheme for Australian universities, on behalf of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, Australian Government. The Grants Scheme comprises three ongoing programs: Competitive Grants; Leadership for Excellence in Learning and Teaching; and Priority Projects.

ALTC Learning & Teaching Academic Standards project

Maree O'Keefe, Associate Dean Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Health Sciences
Joint Discipline Scholar, Health, Medicine and Veterinary Science. Academic Learning Outcomes Project, Health, Medicine and Veterinary Science.

Maree O'Keefe, Associate Dean Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Health Sciences
Harmonising higher education and professional quality assurance processes for the assessment of learning outcomes in health. O'Keefe M, Henderson A, McAllister L, Remedios L, Jolly B. Lead Institution University of Adelaide.

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University of Adelaide Grants

Learning and Teaching Implementation Grants

Chengqing Wu, Emmanuel Chanda (Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering), John Willison (CLPD)
Developing teamwork skills for Honours research projects with self and peer assessment. ($10,600.00)

Katrina Falkner (Computer Science), Lachlan Coleman (ECMS)
Early intervention strategies for at risk students in ECMS. ($12,000.00)

Guillaume Backe, Bruce Ainsworth, Kathryn Amos, Mark Tingay (Australian School of Petroleum), Alan Collins, Rosalind King (Earth & Environmental Sciences), Rachel Nanson (Geographical & Environmental Studies)
Development of 3D 'virtual geology' material for teaching key concepts in the geosciences. ($19,744.00)

Vicki Skinner, Tracey Winning (Dentistry), Judi Baron (CLPD)
Improving dental students' clinical communication skills by using simulated patients and online video resources to provide effective feedback. ($18,000.00)

Scott Smid (Pharmacology), Allan Carrington (CLPD)
Development and integration of software for practicum delivery and assessment in third year pharmacology courses. ($13,250.00)

Naomi Aoki (Social Sciences)
Video clips for teaching kanji to Japanese language teachers. ($2,800.00)

Catherine Speck, Lisa Mansfield (History and Politics)
Taking Art History in the Virtual classroom. ($14,000.00)

Michael Wilmore (Humanities), Simon Pyke (Chemistry & Physics)
Developing the potential of Web 2.0 interactivity for better communication about learning and teaching. ($12,000.00)

Dr Sam Wells (Business School)
Learning Mats for Knowledge Management. ($11,128.00)

Stephanie McWhinnie (Economics), David Butler (CLPD)
Diagnostic testing and Online Tools in Economics Level 1 Mathematic Courses. ($5,000.00)

Gail Anderson, Michelle McArthur, Adele Feakes, Cindy Bottema, Di Barton (Animal and Veterinary Sciences), Audrey Stratton (Transition Unit)
Enhancement of Professional Skills for Animal and Veterinary Science Students. ($12,000.00)

Susan Hazel (Animal and Veterinary Sciences)
A team based approach to improve student learning outcomes and enhance graduate attributes at the University of Adelaide. ($5,000.00)

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Faculty Grants

No Faculty Grants currently listed for 2010.


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