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1992 Teaching Development Grants


Assoc Prof AJ Blake (Physics and Mathematical Physics)
The expansion and modification of tutorial based learning in first year Physics. ($10,000)

Dr R Casse (Pure Mathematics), Dr E Cousins (Applied Mathematics), Dr A Wolff (Pure Mathematics)
The development of computer software and accompanying workbooks to assist in the teaching of disadvantaged pre-university and first year students in Mathematics. ($5,000)

Dr Sheila Clark (Community Medicine)
The purchase of video equipment for the production of a series of videos which aim to improve the communication and consulting skills of medical students by illustrating problem solving consultations. ($3,750)

Dr Susan Coldicutt, Prof Tony Radford, Ms Deborah White (Architecture)
Further development of computer 'course maps' of professional architectural education for use by students. ($6000)

Dr KF Dyer (Arts/Centre Environmental Studies)
The development of a series of simulation and role playing exercises in environmental studies to assist with the acquisition of environmental management and negotiation skills. ($9,000)

Mr A Fisher (Economics)
The purchase and development of software which would facilitate the integration experimental economics into a number of existing undergraduate and honours subjects. ($10,000)

Dr P Gill (Applied Mathematics), Dr E Cousins (Applied Mathematics), Dr A Wolff (Pure Mathematics), Dr J Gaffney (Applied Mathematics), Dr H Possingham (Applied Mathematics)
To develop computer-assisted tutorials for students undertaking new level 1 topic Biomathematics and Statistics at Roseworthy. ($8,000)

Mr Bruce Hancock (The Conservatorium)
Purchase of computer software to allow the implementation of a networked system of MIDI interfaced computer work stations for practical composition, musical arranging and analysis. ($8,000)

Dr Pat James (Geology & Geophysics)
The development of a range of computer simulations which illustrate scientific concepts appropriate for level I and II Geology students. ($8,000)

Dr GS Laurence, Dr AA Diamantis, Dr I Roberts (Physical and Inorganic Chemistry)
Pilot scheme to evaluate the usefulness of computer assisted teaching and teaching aids for different categories of Chemistry students. ($8,000)

Dr A LeCouteur (Arts/Psychology)
The development and evaluation of three alternative approaches to the teaching of writing skills in Psychology I. ($5,000)

Dr Eleanor Long (ACUE)
Special grant to review computer-aided learning projects and software across the University. ($5,000)

Mr Allan Mills, Ms J Rosevear (Music Studies)
Trial evaluation of usefulness of computer aided learning for first year music students enrolled in aural training, keyboard musicianship and basic music theory. ($10,000)

Dr Elizabeth O'Driscoll (Anatomy & Histology)
The development of a program of problem based anatomy tutorials. ($5,000)

Ms Inara Proske, Dr CJ Cooper, Mr R Wilson (Arts/Psychology)
Assistance with the implementation and evaluation of a program of computer aided learning in Statistics for Psychology I students. ($3000)

Dr R Sellick (Arts)
The development and implementation of a series of study skills seminars as Stage 2 of the Faculty's investigation of the study skills needs of its students. ($8,000)

Ms Susan Shannon (Architecture)
The employment of a part-time assistant lecturer to develop and implement new teaching, learning and assessment initiatives as the second stage of the Faculty's evaluation of the difficulties faced by students entering Bachelor of Architecture. ($9000)

Dr Lee Torop (Physics and Mathematical Physics)
The development of a pilot program to develop computer assisted learning packages for Physics I. ($10,000)

Dr DF Wilson, Dr S Powell (Dentistry)
The development of interactive computer teaching programmes as part of the implementation of a new curriculum in Dentistry in 1993. ($8,000)


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