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1993 Teaching Development Grants


Dr M Brooks (Computer Science), Ms U McGowan (ACUE), Dr C Mortensen (Philosophy), Dr J Pitman (Pure Mathematics)
Communication Skills in English for Bachelor of Information Science Students. ($ 3,000)

The project provided language development support concurrent with study of Argument and Critical Thinking for 12 students from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE). Experience with the project suggested the need for an alternative subject for LBOTE students taking the B.Inf.Sc. degree.

Dr P Burns (History), Dr E Martens (ACUE)
Higher Education Curriculum Goal Attainment Scaling: A New Method of Course Evaluation. ($ 5,000)

Dr E Cousins (Maths Learning Centre), Dr P Gill (Applied Mathematics), Dr A Wolff (Pure Mathematics)
Diagnostic Testing in Mathematics pre-SACE. ($ 7,450)

Dr CJ Dawson, Dr JA Rowell (Education), Dr C Leach, Dr R Hope, Dr J Timmis (Genetics)
Program to Increase the Effectiveness of Tutorial Sessions in the First Year Genetics Course. ($ 3,818)

Program to Increase this project was to improve students' level of understanding of first year genetics material by encouraging deep, rather than surface, study strategies. Lecturers used knowledge maps and flow charts during lectures to show how the new ideas were related to each other.

Mr S Fung (Architecture)
Assisting School-Leavers in Adjusting to the Study of History & Theories in Architecture in 1st Year Courses. ($4,000)

Dr DA Hester (Classics)
Workshop to Familiarise Students with Basic Grammatical Concepts of Language. ($500)

Dr U Felix (German), Dr WJ Sooby (French)
Development & Evaluation of Computer Based Techniques for Increasing Writing Skills of First Year Students in a Second Language. ($ 3,220)

Dr C Findlay (Economics)
Teaching Methodologies of Tutorials in Economics. ($ 7,500)

Dr Colin Hansen (Mechanical Engineering)
Developing a computer aided tool for teaching mechanical engineering design. ($ 48,413)

Dr GWS Kaggwa, Mr MB Jaksa, Mr TM Daniell (Civil & Env. Engineering)
Teaching Programme in Geotechnical Engineering Using Computer Simulation & Laboratory Modelling of Field Situations. ($ 4,500)

The developmemt of a complementary combination of computer simulation and physical models to improve the teaching of Geotechnical Engineering.

Dr D Liljegren (Crop Protection), Ms M Cargill (ACUE)
Development & Trialling of a Credit-Bearing English Language Skills Development Course for Overseas Postgraduate Students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. ($ 5,000)

Dr Eleanor Long (ACUE)
The development and implementation of methods to assess student performance. ($ 42,200)

Professor Russell Luxton (Mechanical Engineering)
A stimulating and cost-effective methodology to design experiments for tertiary educational institutions ($ 48,259)

Dr QD Nguyen (Chemical Engineering)
Development of a Chemical Engineering Application Laboratory Programme. ($4,500)

Professor Antony Radford (Architecture and Urban Design)
A problem-focused educational map for built-environment decision-making. ($18,718)

Dr S Richardson (Economics)
Develope an Interactive Software Package to Enable Students to Explore the Application of Economic Tools of Analysis to Australian Labour Market Data. ($ 3,500)

Mr G Tunstill, Ms J Newsome, Mr R Nicholls, Mr P Allen (CASM), Dr E Martens, Ms A Noble (ACUE)
Development of a Compulsory Pilot Subject for First Year Students in which Academic Subject Content & Practical Music Technique will be Integrated with Literacy & Academic Study Skills. ($ 3,000)

Dr J Vernon-Roberts (Medicine), Mrs U McGowan (ACUE)
Strategies to Assist Medical Students in Developing the Oral English Skills Required for the Study & Practice of Medicine. ($ 4,450)

Four video tapes were produced, addressing the following areas of oral language required for the study and practice of medicine: Casual conversation, student presentation, bedside tutorial teaching and student case presentation.

Dr DF Wilson, Mrs SK Powell (Dentistry)
Development of PC Based Teaching/Learning Modules for Primarily Problem Solving Cases involving the Display of Clinical, Radiographic & Clinical Images. ($ 5,000)

Two modules were produced which in essence are clinical diagnostic problems requiring active student participation.


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