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1994 Teaching Development Grants


Ms Sato Van Aacken (Asian Studies)
Computer Assisted Learning of the Japanese Language: Grammatical dimension. ($5000)

The development of computer programs that assist the learning of the social and grammatical aspects of the language. The installation of Japanese Language fonts and a word processor in available language computers to help students improve their basic writing skills and character recognition ability. Improving the teaching and learning of the Japanese written character Kanji, using Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

Dr Milton Behrendorff (Mechanical Engineering)
Implementation of Computer-Assisted Peer Tutoring in First Year Dynamics. ($10,000)

The aim of this project was to use peer tutoring with computer-assisted training of student leaders to increase the tutorial assistance available and hence increase the guidance of each student. The computer-assisted program implements the engineering problem solving methodology used in Dynamics in a novel and educationally sound manner.

Dr Glenys Bishop (Statistics)
Case studies and statistics laboratory sessions for Agriculture and Engineering students. ($10,000)

Dr Elizabeth Cousins (Applied Maths)
Diagnostic testing in mathematics, post-SACE. ($10,000)

Dr Geoffrey Crisp, Dr Simon Pyke (Chemistry)
Computer - Aided assessment of problem sessions. ($10,000)

Mr Kenneth Dyer (Environmental Studies)
Computer assisted learning and criticism of vocabulary in environmental studies. ($10,000)

Mr Peter Devitt (Medicine)
Computers as simulated-patient teaching resource material. ($42,200)

Dr Christopher Findlay (Economics)
The problem solving approach to teaching economics. ($49,200)

Prof. Scott Henderson (Economics and Commerce)
Communication Skills for Commerce Graduates. ($5,000)

Mr Mark Jaksa, Dr Gilbert Kaggwa (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Upgrading the existing Computer Aided Teaching Suite in Geotechnical Engineering. ($5000)

Dr Patrick James (Geology and Geophysics)
Computer Lecture Visual Aids and Interactive Tutorials for Geology 1. ($10,000)

Professor Russell Luxton (Mechanical Engineering)
A common design methodology for laboratory programs in diverse disciplines. ($40,200)

Dr Elizabeth O'Driscoll (Medicine)
An integrated case based approach to medical education ($50,140)

Prof Grant Townsend (Dentistry)
Computer-aided instruction (CAI) of dental learning packages for first years. ($40,941)

Prof Barrie Vernon-Roberts (Pathology)
Assessment methods for integrated multidisciplinary teaching. ($10,000)


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