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1995 Quality Audit Fund - Teaching and Learning Initiatives Scheme


Mr. R. Barrett (Department of Horticulture, Viticulture and Oenology)
Improved Horticultural Learning Outcomes ($17,658)

Dr. M. Behrendoff (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Interactive Video for the Teaching and Learning of 1st Year Dynamics ($13,734)

Dr. A.L. Brown (Department of Computer Science)
Real-time Systems Projects in Software Engineering. ($14, 715)

Prof. A.L. Carey (Department of Pure Mathematics)
Curriculum redesign and computer aided teaching in mathematics ($29,430)

Prof. H. Charlesworth (Faculty of Law)
Introducing First Year Law Students to the World of Law. ($9,810)

Mr. R. Choate (University Librarian)
Teaching Equipment for the University Libraries. ($29,430)

Mr. R. Choate (University Librarian)
Electronic Reserve. ($29,430)

Mr. R. Choate (University Librarian)
Audio-visual Services in the Performing Arts Library ($9,810)

Dr. S. Clark (Department of Community Medicine)
Integrated Community-based Course in Communications Skills ($29,430)

Dr. E. Cleary (Department of Pathology)
English language development for LOTE (Language other than English) students in Medicine ($19,620)

Dr. E. Cousins (Mathematics Learning Centre)
Improving standards of numeracy (including mathematical and statistical competence) among students of the University, through the Mathematics Learning Centre. ($47,578)

Mr T.M. Daniell (Department of Civel and Environmental Engineering)
A Problem Based Learning Subject in Environmental Engineering ($14,715)

Mr. G. Dudley (Elder Conservatorium)
Interdisciplinary Teaching Methodology in the Performing Arts ($9,810)

Dr. P. Hambly (Department of French Studies)
Language Study Abroad Program. ($14,715)

Ms. C. Ingleton (Advisory Centre for University Education)
Identifying, establishing and implementing appropriate standards of student literacy in the University. ($49,050)

Mr. J. Keeler (Department of Law)
Information Technology Development for Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Law. ($78,479)

Prof. I. Kotlarski (Faculty of Science)
Tutor Training Programme. ($68,670)

Ms. M. Lewis (Department of Environmental Science and Rangeland Management)
Coordination of Facilities for Teaching Spatial Information Systems. ($49,050)
(Note: The Lewis and Ypma proposals have been combined and one grant of $49,050 for the combined project has been made.)

Dr. D. Liljegren (Dean of Graduate Studies)
Coordinating the implementation of the Structured Program for PhD students. ($29,430)

Dr. C. Macintyre (Department of Politics)
Parliamentary Internship Teaching Scheme. ($14,715)

Ms. K. Mack (Faculty of Law)
Integrating Practical and Theoretical Legal Education. ($19,620)

Mr. G. Martin (Faculty of Arts)
Pilot Commencing Student Orientation Program for Faculty of Arts Students ($14,715)

Ms. U. McGowan (Language & Learning Service)
Open-access English Language and Study Skills Learning Facilities for NESB students ($9,810)

Dr. Q.D. Nguyen (Department of Chemical Engineering)
Development of Chemical Engineering Hands-On Laboratory Program ($19,620)

Prof. M.C.R.B. Peters (Faculty of Dentistry)
Interactive Multimedia-based Teaching Modules in Clinical Dentistry ($29,430)

Dr. J. Pitman (Department of Pure Mathematics)
English as Second Language for information science students ($9,810)

Ms. E. Randva (Waite Campus Librarian)
Improving Access to Information at the Waite Campus Library ($29,430)

Prof. D.K. Round (Department of Economics)
Economics IA Teaching and Learning ($9,810)

Mr. T. Simpson (Department of Architecture)
An International Architecture Studio ($9,810)

Prof. B. Vernon-Roberts (Department of Pathology)
'Road Map' guides for the vertical and horizontal integration of selected topics in undergraduate medical education ($14,715)

Ms. D. White (Department of Architecture)
Hypermedium package for project-based learning in Architecture: low-energy building design ($19,620)

Mr. S. Whittington (Department of Music Studies)
Development of Teaching and Research programs in Music for Film/Video ($34,335)

Prof. P.J. Ypma (Department of Geology and Geophysics)
Coordination of Facilities for Teaching Spatial Information Systems ($49,050)
(Note: The Lewis and Ypma proposals have been combined and one grant of $49,050 for the combined project has been made.)


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