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1995 Teaching Development Grants


Prof JB Agnew (Chemical Engineering)
Multi-Campus Process Engineering Teaching Using Tele-Lecturing Facilities. ($10,000)

Trial that resulted in the production of a simple manual to introduce potential users to this new teaching tool. Provides some supporting material outlining the ideas and potential of a Virtual University.

Ms CR Baines (Politics)
Bridging the Race and Gender Gaps in University Teaching. ($8,000)

An examination of successful Indigenous Foundation Courses throughout Australia and a collation of best practice in the area. The data are presented in the context of current international research into innovative teaching practices for first year literacy and comprehension courses.

Dr GR Bishop (Statistics)
Production of a Video Illustrating Concepts of Experimental Design for Introductory Statistics Courses. ($5,500)

Dr S Clark (Community Medicine)
"Rent-a-Patient" Group. ($5,000)

Students learn the knowledge, skills amd behaviours necessary for relating to patients of various ages and backgrounds, using surrogate patients.

Dr EA Cousins (Applied Mathematics)
Identifying Numeracy Levels and Concerns Across the University. ($12,500)

Dr GT Crisp, Dr SM Pyke (Chemistry)
Student Initiated Learning Through an Integrated Learning Environment ($7,500)

Increasing student awareness of their level of understanding of concepts and factual materials covered in the Stereochemistry section of Organic Chemistry II. Objectives of the course were identified, students compared their understanding of those objectives with the understanding required. An interactive computer program was developed to enable students to seek information as necessary and to work on individual problems that helped bridge the gap between actual and required understanding.

Dr U Felix
A multimedia approach to advanced language studies. ($49,500)

Dr A Grisgono
Thinking skills for science students. ($49,518)

Mr MB Jaksa, Dr GWS Kaggwa (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
A Computer Aided Teaching and Video Suite for Geotechnical Engineering. ($2,500)

Dr NA Locket
Anatomical paper cutouts: Three dimensional diagrams of anatomical structures for medical and paramedical students ($26,039)

Ms U McGowan (ACUE)
Learning/Teaching Packages for the Language of Clinical Interviews ($3,500)

Existing video and audio tapes of clinical interviews are used for further development through selected transcription, editing and packaging. Students from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE) will then be able to access and benefit from these authentic faculty-based language materials.

Dr AM Pierce (Dentistry)
Interactive Computer Learning Using Clinical and Microscopic Images for the New IV Year BDS. ($7,500)

A/Prof K Schaffer (Womens' Studies)
The Application of Computer Presentation Software to the Teaching of `Power and Difference'. ($5,500)

Dr P Steele (Physiology)
Development of Case Based Teaching in the Department of Physiology ($4,000)

Dr P Tow (Agronomy and Farming Systems)
Developing integrative, assessment and management abilities in pasture agronomy ($35,823)

Prof G Townsend (Dentistry)
Development of Dental Learning Packages with Video Triggers and Resource Tutorials. ($7,500)

Two videos for use by second year students and a resource tutorial for first year students, designed for use within the departments problem-based learning approach.

Dr J Vernon-Roberts (Clinical Studies)
The Assessment of Spoken English Language Skills in a Clinical Setting ($3,500)

Mr D Wilson
Project OVERBITE: a pilot consortium model for dental education ($43,512)


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