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1996 Teaching Development Grants (partly funded by Round 2 Quality Audit Funds)


Ms M Cargill (ACUE)
Written communication skills for the Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences: clarifying expectations for university and beyond. ($13,000)

Ms C Ingleton (ACUE)
Implementing appropriate standards of student literacy in the university: phase two of the Literacy Project. ($29,000)

Dr G Crisp (Chemistry)
Integrating the teaching of occupational, health and safety and risk management into the undergraduate and postgraduate science curriculum. ($18,000)

Ms C Gannon (Clinical Studies)
Integrated video resource for undergraduate medical students. ($27,000)

Dr E O'Driscoll (Clinical Studies)
Fostering equity and independence: a structured surgical programme for fourth year medical students. ($16,000)

Dr MA Keller (Crop Protection)
Interactive identification and diagnosis of insect pests and diseases. ($8,000)

Ms JM Fuss (Dentistry)
Functional and applied anatomy of cranial nerves: Development of tutorial modules for dental and medical students. ($15,000)

Dr Parfitt (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Valuing diversity in engineering education. ($25,000)

Dr T Burton (English)
English for professional purposes ($26,000)

Dr C Leach (Genetics)
Development of a novel simulation model for teaching population genetics. ($18,000)

Dr P James (Geology and Geophysics)
Improving student learning using multimedia assignments. ($9,000)

Associate Professor R J Fowler (Law)
Clinical Legal Education - Trial Project. ($5,000)

Dr D Newble (Medicine)
A structured laboratory based course in basic clinical skills for 3rd year medical students. ($24,000)

Dr E Cleary (Medicine)
Development and testing of a general object-orientated computer-aided instruction tool, applied to teaching and learning clinico-pathological correlation in medicine ($52,769)

Mr S Whittington (Music Studies)
The development and implementation of a course in digital literacy for performing arts students. ($9,500)

Dr D Taverner (Pharmacology)
Are interactive video-based tutorials with formative simulated patient interviews better than small group tutorials in teaching clinical skills in drugs and therapeutics? ($20,000)

Dr A Wolff (Pure Mathematics)
Learning/teaching materials for non-English speaking background Mathematical and Computer Sciences students. ($15,000)

Dr P Devitt (Surgery)
Establishment and validation of continuous assessment in medical education. (The introduction of objectivity into on-going assessment). ($16,500)

Dr P Devitt (Surgery)
A collaborative approach to self-directed learning. ($36,700)

Dr G Rudkin (Surgery)
Undergraduate teaching in day surgery. ($20,000)

Assoc Prof KF Walker (Zoology)
Support for research methods in zoology. ($5,000)


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