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Articulation & Credit Transfer

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Guidelines for Collaborative Activities between the University of Adelaide and TAFE SA

These guidelines have been developed to assist staff from each institution seeking to enter into collaborative arrangements. The expansion of arrangements is the responsibility of Executive Deans in the University of Adelaide and the program sponsoring General Managers in TAFE SA.
In the spirit of the MOU, the University of Adelaide and DECD/TAFE SA are committed to maximising opportunities for students to move between the two sectors and to facilitate that movement by simplifying transfer processes.

In general, this will entail a movement away from assessment on a case by case basis of qualifications to formally recognised credit for courses (articulation) or part courses (block credit). In non-standard cases it may also be appropriate to individually assess credit to be given on the basis of prior study and/or life experience and acquisition of skills. In addition to block credit arrangements, other entry criteria specified by each institution need to be met by students.

Current credit arrangements are available online in the TAFE Credit Calculator.

TAFE SA has a website dedicated to University Pathways as well as a Credit transfer search.

The University and TAFE SA seek opportunities to collaborate in various ways for mutual benefit. To facilitate the expansion of educational pathways for students the following processes have been developed:



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