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Curriculum Mapping

Good news! We are making curriculum design and the creation of information about curriculum, easier and more efficient for our academic and professional staff.

We are also making it simpler for our students to plan personalised study pathways to suit their interests and aspirations, thereby supporting our central goal of student success.

Launching Curriculum Mapping!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with eLumen Connect to introduce a curriculum design, management and mapping system called eLumen.

Implementing eLumen at the University of Adelaide will support the revitalisation of our curriculum and expansion of our offering for a 21st century education, as set out by our new Strategic Plan, Future Making. It will encourage an expanded way of thinking about and designing curriculum, connecting the formal curriculum with co-curricular opportunities for our students with a strong focus on principles of flexibility, relevance, employability, inclusion and quality for a broad diversity of cohorts across the whole learning lifecycle.

The purpose of this webpage is to keep you up to date with the progression of the project, be your main source of information during the implementation of eLumen and inform you about how the changes to processes will affect all staff.

Interview with our Sponsor:  Phil Levy, PVC Student Experience I am delighted to be the Sponsor of the the Curriculum Mapping Project and bringing this new way of working with curriculum to the University of Adelaide. Learn more


Latest Project News We will keep you regularly updated with the latest news and details around the progress we are making. Learn more

Latest Project News

Project StructureThe Project Team has partnered closely with representatives from the University Community to co-design processes and co-configure eLumen: Learn more

Project Structure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eLumen?

    eLumen is a higher education curriculum design, management and assessment system that provides academics with the capacity to design and map courses and programs. It will provide students with insights on their engagement and progress through personalised study plans and learning pathways.

    eLumen allows Universities to build curriculum around learning outcomes and integrates these seamlessly with assessment and program reviews in Canvas / MyUni.  It provides configurable course and program design workflows that cater for every type of curriculum.

    Additionally, eLumen’s catalogue module provides seamless updates of approved courses to its own online course publishing capability, eliminating the manual work of course outline updates.

    eLumen functionality includes learning outcomes modelling, curriculum mapping, assessment rubric, collaborative strategic Initiative templates and curriculum reporting.

    A Student Success Suite is also included and provides study plans based on course and competency-based pathways, ePortfolio assessment and self-discovery, badged scorecards, and extended transcript based on student achievement.

    eLumen could also integrate labour market data and comparable program data with curriculum and assessment platforms. This enables the alignment of programs to a rapidly changing workforce and allows students to visualise their pathways to successful careers.

  • What is changing - what this means for you?

    Currently each Faculty follows a paper based process in order to develop, amend or delete/suspend courses and programs and manage the alignment of course learning outcomes to program learning outcomes and graduate attributes.

    We will be transitioning these processes to an online system. Utilising the workflow and notification functionality of eLumen will make things easier and more time efficient. This means that there are changes being made to the way staff work now.

    We will be co-designing the new processes and co-configuring eLumen with our Readiness Group, made up of professional and academic staff members representative of our University community, to ensure we meet the University of Adelaide requirements and can accommodate the best ways of working.

  • How will I know what I need to do?

    Training will be integrative. This means that you will understand how your role is affected by the new processes, how to use the new system, where to get help and what downstream and upstream effects your role has on other people also involved with the process.

    We will provide the required knowledge about the new processes and how to use eLumen prior to transitioning to the new system.

    More information will be released once planning has progressed further.

  • When are things changing?

    The project is still planning the transition activities and has dependencies on specific timeframes within the existing Academic Calendar.

    We have identified 3 phases for transition. We will be starting with the technical eLumen implementation and cut-over for courses and programs. Next will be using eLumen with Canvas and finally we will open up eLumen for student use.

    Given the dependencies we mentioned above and the complexities of this change, we are currently aiming to go-live with eLumen early in the fourth quarter of 2019.

  • Do I need to do anything different right now?

    For the moment, no. Continue to follow the existing process for course and program development and amendment. We will pick up these changes during data migration prior to cut-over.

    We will advise what you will need to do for the 2021 curriculum.

  • Can I get involved?

    By registering your interest, you will be able to get an early look at the eLumen tool before it goes live across the university. You will be provided with the opportunity to to provide your feedback and help shape eLumen and how it will work for the University. Later in the project we will also be looking for Change Champion to help us with a smooth transition into each Division, Faculty and Business Unit.

    If you have an interest in contributing your time to the co-creation and co-configuration of our new processes and system, you can contact us to register your interest and we will be in touch to provide you with further details.

  • Where can I get more information?

    This website is designed to keep you abreast with all things Curriculum Mapping and the implementation of eLumen.

    You can expect to see  progress updates from the project team, the information on how you are affected being updated and what you need to know and do prior to go-live.

    We understand that everybody is busy so, we will ensure that we keep you informed in a variety of ways. So in addition, we will also be scheduling showcases, information sessions and further communication campaigns in Divisions, Faculties and Business Units on all campuses. Everyone will be invited to attend training.

    In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the invitations throughout the year. You will have plenty of opportunity to obtain the information you need to make the successful transition.

    You can contact us to obtain more information or provide us with your valuable feedback.

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